Keep Your Faith Flowing Free

At the time of your salvation, your faith is exciting and new. You are open to what God has for you, full of expectations and hope. You are eager to learn truth and experience freedom from sin. As the days go by, you soon realize that it takes work to keep your faith alive and flowing free.

Why is this? The Corinthian Church struggled in keeping their faith moving forward, and Paul helps them to understand the battle that every believer faces as they choose to walk daily with Jesus. Take a look at 2 Corinthians 4 and see what Paul wanted the early believers to understand about the journey that God calls every believer to.

First things first is keeping things in priority to who God and what He wants for His children. Our faith is grounded in God’s mercy and by the blood of Christ. Faith for Old Testament believers was about the law given by Moses. Then, God brought about a new way which is found in the New Testament. Faith is now through Jesus Christ and what He did to save man from sin.

Paul understood how believers were waning in their faith. The battle to keep believing can be tiresome. While one may think that believing Jesus will make life easier, it is quite the opposite. Spiritually, you become freer from the weight of sin, but you are still stuck in a sinful body which likes to fight the Holy Spirit within you; thus a battle is waged.

Paul tells them, “Never give up!”1

He reminds them of the things that will fuel their faith so they will keep believing and building their confidence in the God who never leaves them nor forsakes them; see Deuteronomy 31:6. In this passage, you find 10 things to live by that will help keep your faith flowing free.

  1. Reject all shameful deeds and underhanded methods. As a child of God, you do not live by human wisdom or worldly ways anymore. You live by God’s standards. Know the truth and the truth will keep you free.
  2. Do not trick anyone. Deception is not from God. Keep your motives pure.
  3. Do not distort the Word of God. Understand that your opinions do not matter. What does the Bible say and live accordingly, that is what matters. Obedience is the key.
  4. Speak truth before God. Humility and honesty are in every true believer’s heart. Brokenness and repentance are also present.
  5. You will be living out your faith to those who wear, as Paul says, a veil over their face. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They cannot understand what you are telling them. Satan has blinded them. Keep this in mind as you try to love others. Some can’t receive what you are saying. Prayer is the best tool in this situation. Ask God to give them seeking hearts towards truth, and for God to turn the lightbulb on in their minds to receive Jesus.
  6. Your faith is to be given out. Understand that’s it’s not about you. Christ should be your main focus when talking with others. You are His servant. “Let there be light in the darkness.”6 God is the one who makes Christ’s light shine within your heart. God wants to receive all glory for the work He is doing within you.
  7. Remember that you are like a fragile clay jar full of cracks. Within you contains the greatest treasure ever given to man. In your broken body, God is able to show His great power to a dying world.
  8. You will face trouble. That is evident. Whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or relationally, you (and I) will face things that will cause our faith to flounder around like a fish gasping for air when removed from the water. God allows adversities to teach you that He is with you daily. They help you to surrender your worldly, self-reliant ways and rely on Him. Whatever you are facing today, continue to serve Jesus.
  9. In hard circumstances, continue to speak truth. Faith changes you as well as those around you. Belief in God gives you a place to turn to. Paul references Psalm 116:10, “I believed in You, so I said, ‘I am deeply troubled, Lord.'” God listens and understands everything about you. He will help you. As He helps you, He then uses you to help others. For God’s grace reaches more and more people. Great thanksgiving will erupt as God receives more and more glory. Your faith matters. Let it flow free.
  10. As your body is dying, your spirit is being renewed every day. Whatever hardship or trial you are facing, know that is small compared to what Jesus went through to save you. Our present trials won’t last long. Your life is now a beacon of God’s glory. Let everyone see it.
Your faith flows down to others. Keep your faith flowing free.

Paul encourages the early church as well as you (and I) to “FIX YOUR GAZE ON THINGS THAT CANNOT BE SEEN!”18 What you see in this world will fade away and be forgotten. Build up your faith in eternal things. God needs every one of His children to keep their faith flowing free so He can reveal His glory to this dying, sinful world.

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