An Awakened Soul

Mary exhibited an awakened soul that flourished because of her God. God placed quite a calling on her life, one which made many turn their heads and gossip while others looked down on her in shame. Despite this reality, she embraced what God had planned for her. When God reveals a calling upon you, how … More An Awakened Soul

Challenging Faith

What are you facing today? Does life feel like one blow after another? You come out of one trying circumstance to be thrown into another one. You never know what the day holds, but thankfully you have access to the One who has all your circumstances under control. Your life may not feel like it’s … More Challenging Faith

Anticipating God

Yesterday morning, I woke up, read my Bible, and asked God, “What do you want me to do today? I could keep deep cleaning around the house or go Christmas shopping or work on my devotional book.” I went about my morning routine waiting for God to lead me in one of these ways. Little … More Anticipating God

Humbled Silence

We are continuing on in studying Habakkuk. He is a prophet that is tired of seeing the world in a mess. Around him he sees misery and evil. The only thing he knows what to do is to tell God and rely on Him to make things right. He had the right posture as a … More Humbled Silence