A Posture of Peace In The Unknown

Yesterday, God allowed my daughter and I to face the unknown where we had to trust God. My daughter has the ability to choose where she wants to live for her job is remote, so we are visiting a coastal town on the East Coast to see if a beach town is something she would like.

God is sovereign over everything we do and where we go.

When Katie awakened for work (she had a long commute to the living room in our hotel room), I had to tell her that I am having chest pains under my left arm, a tightness. It wasn’t going away after two hours, so we played it safe and headed to the ER. Because we were in a foreign place, I didn’t want my daughter finding me on the floor collapsed inside a hotel room. She would be on her own dealing with me. We decided to go and get me checked out and if something happens, I would be in the right place.

This isn’t my first rodeo with the ER for this. I have to deal with high blood pressure and anxiety, and I have had times where stress gets the best of me and I wonder if I’m going to have a heart attack. My dad passed away from heart issues, so I don’t mess around. Thankfully, every time I have gone, my heart is healthy and my blood pressure isn’t sky high! It has always been stress-related.

I wonder, “Oh God, why can’t I trust you enough to keep my body calm?” This time around, I get the same news, “Your heart is healthy.”

Thank you, God, for taking care of me like you have faithfully for 55+ years now.

I am chuckling over the reality of getting older. This time, not only did they check me for my heart but for blood clots too. Because I have had breast cancer, and I have travelled on a plane and have been in a car more than usual, that was a possibility. That came back negative. I could be getting shingles. I have to watch for a rash to develop. Picture my eyes rolling as I give a big sigh at the reality of reaching an age where more complications can arise.

What my family and I think is going on is that I pulled some chest muscles. I’ve been walking on the beach, and swimming in a pool, and I used my muscles in a new way. I am sighing again. I have also had a stressful time last week with my dog pinching a nerve in her neck and being in pain, and preparing to head on vacation to an area I have never been to. Again, stress is getting the best of me.

Do you find yourself in an unknown time where you are wondering what God is doing with you? I was looking forward to relaxing and enjoying some time away with my daughter. While I am enjoying myself, life keeps showing up, or do I dare say, the enemy keeps prowling around like a lion to disrupt my peace, joy, and happiness. Satan despises God’s children. He is relentless when it comes to destroying a peaceful life.

Are you fed up, like I am, at Satan for being a fun sucker, a killjoy, that keeps you from experiencing the peace of God that Paul understood in the New Testament? Even after being beaten and thrown in prison, He never let his posture of peace be deterred. I so desire that! Don’t you? How about Daniel in the Old Testament? He remained abiding in the posture of peace even when he was thrown in the lion’s den simply because he wouldn’t follow the king’s decree. He remained loyal to His God. I believe this is the key to abiding in a posture of peace.

God is trying to teach me this posture. I have been asking Him to transform my heart where my soul knows deeply who He is AND my flesh responds accordingly, thus I keep the posture of peace that is obtainable. Yesterday’s episode was yet another opportunity for God to reveal Himself to me.

What does it look like to remain loyal to God so one can obtain His indescribable peace as you face unknown territory?

First, you need to become dependent on God. Whether satisfied or hungry, are you dependent on Christ? Do you have eyes that see Him in every area of your life? Secondly, do you understand your place in Christ? He has control over you. Until you give up your control, you will not experience His wonderful peace and joy. Third, do you trust Jesus that He has what is best for you? I have to tell you, when I look back at my life, I can honestly say that God has never left me, and He has made a way for me every time.

His presence is what keeps me going, giving me hope.

Finally, is your heart hungry for truth, God’s truth? If not, you will not experience Christ on a personal level. God gave you His Word so you can know Him intimately. Take the time daily to know it well. He also gave you the Holy Spirit when you received Christ as your Lord and Savior. He leads those who are interested in godly things.

Here’s a warning for you and I: Satan will keep you disinterested in godly things. If you get bored with godly things, then you have been duped by the enemy. Awaken your soul by calling out to God and asking Him to change your heart towards Him. As it says in Matthew 7:7-8, seek and you will find. You can’t go deep with God sitting in a rocking chair watching life go by. You must get up and work for it. When you seek Christ, He will reveal Himself to you.

What does God want me to learn from yesterday’s episode? In the unknown times, God is with me. I tend to forget that and handle life my way. I am here to tell you it doesn’t work. I place a dichotomy between Christ in my heart and my need to control, thus I experience stress.

A believer must fight his/her way to peace.

He also wants me to learn that Satan dwells in the negative side of life. When I focus on mistakes, short-comings, the specks in people’s eyes (see Matthew 7:3-5) as well as my own, I give him opportunity to apply blinders to my eyes. These blinders dull the Holy Spirit within me. I must work at focusing on Christ and keeping the blinders from adhering themselves to me.

God is calling me, as well as you, to fight for the peace within our souls! I am determined to unite Christ and my soul together so we walk as one. Who is with me?

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