Unlocking Your Faith

Do you desire to know God on a deeper level? Do you wish you could hear from Him more readily? Even if you have been walking with God for some time, you still have pockets of unbelief in your heart. No one is able to fully understand God on this side of heaven. Sin is the culprit, and God understands the barrier you and I have because of it. Thus, He sent His Son Jesus in the form of a human being so He can become the key that unlocks your faith in God. He is the one that opens the doors to unbelief and tells you the truth. He is the one who takes you into the presence of God the Father openly and freely; see Hebrews 4:16. He is the one who removes your sins and cleanses you from all unrighteousness when you confess your sins; see I John 1:9

Jesus is the key to unlocking every lie that you have believed, every sin that you have committed, and every doubt that you have held onto.

The people in Jesus’ time had the same choice you must make with God. Paul made the right choice. Jesus convinced him that He was real and Paul changed the course of His life to reflect his faith in the One who resurrected from the dead. Paul became a faith builder. He went around sharing the Good News to anyone who would listen, to anyone who wanted life to be more than what they see, feel, think, and hear.

We studied Acts 17:13-34 earlier this week. Paul shared the Gospel and he found three types of responders. Only one group became faith builders like Paul. The other two weren’t interested. If you read the beginning of Acts 17, verses 1-15, you learn the traits of a faith builder. May I challenge you to stop and talk with God on where you stand in response to Paul’s message? Ask God to change your heart and mind if you are one who doesn’t like the Gospel or you don’t have time to follow. Jesus will be happy to reveal Himself as He changes your pockets of unbelief into truth rockets. I liken truth to a rocket for God will explode within your heart. God will fill you with Himself!

Let God explode within you.

While studying verses 1-15, what do you learn about those who chose to follow faith versus those who did not? What do you learn about the people in Berea? Their hearts were positioned to hear from God. They were open-minded. Their hearts and minds were willing to learn something new. This is a key to building your faith. Another key was they listened eagerly to what Paul was telling them. How eager are you when you listen to a sermon or read your Bible? Do you desire to change because of it? Every believer has room to grow and learn. Until God takes you home, your heart has pockets of unbelief that God needs to rectify.

Take note of this quote from Never Forgotten Always Loved from DaySpring, January 4, “Trust me as your Heavenly Father. I am the guardian and keeper of your soul. I watch over you with an everlasting love. I am conforming you to My image and protecting My love within you. In Me is your identity, your confidence, your courage, and your strength. You bear My name, and I delight in calling you My child.”

What is God telling you? Be still and listen.

Notice another key to unlocking a deeper faith within you, they searched the scriptures daily. Whoever shared truth with them, they looked for themselves within the pages of the Bible for they contain the very words of God. What you read in the Bible will confirm the above quote. When you believe the words in the Bible, the above words become your experience as you follow Jesus. You become like Paul. His heart was set on fire for His Lord and Savior. He wanted everyone and anyone to experience what He had.

How about you? Do you desire others to know what you know about Jesus? Has He proven Himself to you in such a way that you have given Him the number one spot in your heart? If not, why not? Talk to God and listen. He will help you with unbelief.

Make 2023 the year of unbridled faith. Let God reveal those pockets of unbelief that lie deep within you. It’s okay to let Him in. He will not be condescending nor point an angry finger. He will not be disappointed either. What you will find is a tender, loving Father who wants you understand who He is and how much He loves you.

Celebrate God within you.

Embrace Christ and make 2023 an amazing year!

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