The Verdict: Not Guilty!

Today’s scripture study, John 7:53-8:11, has some background to it. From a commentary I read, these verses were not a part of the original manuscript of John’s Gospel. The style and wording are a bit different from the rest of scripture in John’s book. It is not clear why it has been added at a later date. Since we know that the Bible is God’s inerrant words and we know that He has full authority over His creation, God wants us to learn from these verses. So, here we go!

We like to dress up in worldly attire. We want to feel like we belong
and have others like us. This gets us into trouble. We
fall in love with the world more than the One who created
the world. Our sight is blinded and our hearing is muted.

Read today’s scripture. After spending the evening on the Mount of Olives, a place He frequented when in Jerusalem, early the next morning He continued teaching truth in the Temple. His time was short and He had much to share and reveal about the amazing love that was going to being offered to man. Little did the people know what was going to take place, especially the Pharisees and religious leaders.

QUESTION: Even if one knew the Old Testament really well, could anyone really fathom and prepare for what Jesus was going to do? Read John 19-20 to see.

We see how the religious leaders elevated themselves above everyone else. They bring forth a woman who was caught in adultery and placed her dead center in front of a crowd and Jesus. They degraded her with humiliation and judged her by what the law imposed for such a discretion. They wanted to know how Jesus would handle her.

QUESTION: From verse 5, what was the punishment for adultery?

QUESTION: What was their motive in questioning Jesus, see verse 6?

Little did they know that no one can trap Jesus. He’s God! They continue to see Him as another teacher like themselves, an equal. The difference, this Teacher had His own lesson plan. Instead of leading by strict rules and regulations, He rules by love, grace and mercy. He befriends people. He sits with us and listens. (I changed the tense to present tense for God is with us right now. We are not reading a make-believe story from the past.)

QUESTION: Does this encourage you to look up? Does this inspire you to want to know Jesus in a deeper way?

The religious leaders kept demanding and insisting that Jesus answer their question. They were holding on tight to their way of doing things. They were not going to let some new “kid on the block”, some bully, come in and change the status quo.

QUESTION: From verses 6-8, how did Jesus answer them?

Rob and I have declared our love for one another in various
ways. Underneath many painted walls lies “I love Carol”.
Here, I inscribed my love for Rob in sand. What would Jesus say
if He wrote about His love for you in the sand?

There is no commentary on what Jesus wrote down in the sand. No one knows but the people that were there.

QUESTION: By what He said, what do you think He wrote down? I wonder if He drew arrows pointing to each of them?

Slowly, the accusers quietly dispersed. Wouldn’t you think shamefully? Whatever Jesus wrote was enough to shut people up.

QUESTION: Who was left with Jesus?

I want us to bask in verses 10 and 11. I want us to park in these two simple verses and think, really think, what He is offering this woman. My friends, He is saying this to us when we stand before Him! Don’t go on any farther until you have sat silent, mulling over this. Ask the Holy Spirit to tell you when you can move on. Be mindful what He is speaking to you. May I suggest that you write it down?

INSIGHT: If this doesn’t cause a stirring within your soul or a spark in your heart to ignite your spiritual flame, my friend you love the world and its ways too much. I am afraid the devil has placed blinders upon you. This is the problem the Pharisees and religious leaders had. They missed Jesus. Many people will miss Jesus because of their love affairs with the things in this world.

I wonder what this woman was thinking? I would imagine she was waiting for more disdain. Our world is a cruel and conditional place, isn’t it? Judging eyes are always around placing labels upon us. I would encourage you to read, “You Are Special”, by Max Lucado. It’s a children’s book so its an easy read with pictures! I won’t tell you about it. You will have to trust me. It is very fitting for this Bible study 🙂

We adhere many labels that the world says about us upon ourselves.
Jesus says, “Nope. The world lies, judges, compares and condemns.
I say you are beautiful, worthy, loved and complete in Me.”

My friend, no matter what you have done in your life, past or present, when you stand before Jesus He will tell you the same thing that He told this woman!! He will not condemn you. He loves you beyond anything you can dream of or desire.

QUESTION: He gave her an instruction. What was it?

This is the key to walking with Jesus. “Go and sin no more” is our part of His love. We are to walk in His truths which means a change needs to take place within our hearts. We do not live our lives in default mode towards God and His ways. Sin disrupts that. Sin causes us to walk around with blinders on. We need to be led by truth and the truth will set us free from the enslavements in this world. Our identity will now be, NOT GUILTY!

God’s part of His plan is redemption. Our part is surrendered obedience. Romans 6:4 says, “For we died and were buried with Christ by baptism. And just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, now we also may live new lives.” Further in chapter 6, verse 14, we read, “Sin is no longer your master, for you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God’s grace.” Seek His freedom! Learn His ways! A whole new world is waiting for you!

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