We are going to interrupt today’s scheduled programming for a special announcement. Normally, we would be studying the book of John but in lieu of Holy Week, God is wanting us to hear another message. God is hoping you won’t want to turn the channel and listen to something else, something more frivolous.

While God gives us a beautiful world to live in, He does not want us loving it more than Him. While God wants us to enjoy His creation, He does not want us packing in the fun or fitting it all in as we see fit. His desire is for us is to keep Him first and foremost as we pursue holiness. From that point on, He gives us the joy to experience His world as He leads us. We forget that, don’t we? We like to live like we own the place.

God does not have us on earth to live how we want.
We need to be awakened to what lies before us.

We live out our days with ourselves in mind as we place God on the back burner. We pull Him up front when we need something and we praise Him for all the blessings that we bestow upon ourselves. We work hard. We reap the benefits of our hard work. We can buy things, take vacations and keep ourselves entertained 24/7. We think and say, “thank you God, for you are so wonderful to me.”

I believe COVID-19 came into existence for such a time as this. God has been exposing the lies and evil that is in this world. God is waking us up. We have fallen asleep. We have accustomed ourselves to sleeping with a My Pillow. We wake up each morning embracing another day about what I need to do today or want to do.

God has a message for us. May this Holy Week be a week of transition and transformation. Instead of studying John, we are going to travel to Colossians. We don’t need to pack anything. With God, we travel lightweight. Come aboard flight 21323. I bet you didn’t expect to travel during this quarantine. It’s your lucky day!

Welcome to Colossians 2:13-23. Read this passage. While here, we are going to look at nine things. Things that will help us to have the 2020 vision that God intended for us. Take these nine things as your alarm clock going off. Are you going to get up and start living or are you going to hit the snooze button and roll over and do the same old thing?

Getting up will take guts. Getting up will mean you will have to trust God that He will take care of you. It’s time to live who you were meant to be. It’s time to STOP living the status quo from this world. You were made for better things.

REALITY ONE – I am dead in my sins.

REALITY TWO – God made me alive in Jesus Christ. God has the power to do this within me and He wants to!

REALITY THREE – God forgives my sins.

REALITY FOUR – God cancelled the record of the charges against me by nailing them to the cross.

REALITY FIVE – Because God did number four, He disarmed the enemy. Satan lost his power when Jesus resurrected from the dead and he is now shamed publicly by Jesus’ victory on the cross.

REALITY SIX – Because of what Jesus has done for you, don’t let anyone condemn you in what you eat and drink or if you choose to not celebrate certain holy days, new moons or sabbaths. These kinds of things are simply a shadow of the reality yet to come. Our reality now is Jesus Christ.

REALITY SEVEN – Because of what Jesus has done for you, don’t let anyone condemn you by insisting that you live religiously by worshiping angels or with pious self-denial. People who worship externally have sinful minds that make them proud. They are not connected to Christ.

From everything we have been studying as we learn how to walk united in love, we know that Christ is the head of one body. He holds the body together and it grows as God nourishes it.

REALITY EIGHT – I have died with Christ.

REALITY NINE – Christ has set me free from the spiritual powers of this world.

Let’s all do the happy dance and show the world how free we are!

In the last few verses, God is saying STOP! Stop following how the world does things. Stop following the rules of this world that are not that important. God is referring to all the do’s and don’ts we place on different things like not eating certain foods at certain times. God says these are human teachings about things that deteriorate as we use them. While they appear wise at the time, they require self, strong devotion, pious self-denial and severe bodily discipline. They don’t provide any help in battling a person’s evil desires. Reread number one and what did God do in number two?

Number two is our reality and we need to be living it out. We forget. We forget who we belong to. We forget that all we have is His and we live like we own the place.

Trusting the Son means we can rest in Him. Obeying the Son means
God will give us times of refreshment. Believing the Son
opens the door to meaningful living that extends into eternity.

It’s time to wake up. Jesus is returning soon and we don’t want Him to find us asleep. God is giving us some down time. We are to use our time wisely. We are to use our time for Him and it starts with looking up and saying, “Good morning Lord. What do you want me to learn today? What do you want me to accomplish today. My life is in your hands.”

Have a blessed Easter. He is risen! Because of this fact, we have all that we need.

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