A Satisfying Life

I hope you are as excited as I am for today’s Bible study lesson. We are going to be so blessed! We are learning so much from this rich book of wisdom, aren’t we? We are up close and personal with Jesus.

I want you to read John 10:1-21. We are going to study how Jesus tends to us so lovingly and compassionately. He always keeps His eye upon us and when we go awry, He is right there to catch us up in His bosom so He can place us down in a new direction.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. We are His sheep. I looked up what characteristic traits sheep have. We are so much like our fluffy friends. David Murray from Heart Hand shared these following traits: Sheep are foolish, irrational, slow to learn, demanding, stubborn, they are copycats and they stray easily. Isaiah states in 53:6, “All of us, like sheep, have strayed away. We have left God’s paths to follow our own.”

This is the pen that I came from. Throughout the years, we each have
been discovering the Good Shepherd.

Let’s see what God wants us to learn from these verses. Verses 1-5 describes the relationship we have with Jesus and how we are to live within the boundaries of His love. Many view God’s boundaries as confining walls but it is quite opposite. We are protected and secure by the Lover of our souls.

QUESTION: How does Jesus begin his teaching? Are you convinced that He speaks truth?

QUESTION: How can we act like a thief?

QUESTION: Who is the gatekeeper? What is his job? What does he do for the sheep?

We see how we need to come to Christ. The gate represents the cross. We come into Jesus’ fold at the foot of His cross. When we receive and believe what He did for us, He becomes our Shepherd and we follow Him. We then learn to recognize His voice.

QUESTION: How does verse 5 encourage us to getting to know Jesus’ voice? We are one prayer away from hearing along with a book that is alive and active by the Holy Spirit to learn from.

We see how people still had trouble understanding what He meant. Like we have been studying, He continues teaching them so they will understand. He does not want anyone to miss out on eternal life/living.

Again, He tells them that He speaks truth. He understands how sin has blocked our rationale. It has clouded our thinking.

This time, Jesus states that He is the gate and He warns them how false shepherds that came before Him have led people astray. Those who follow the Good Shepherd, Jesus, know not to listen to false teachings.

QUESTION: Can you discern false teachings? This is a good reminder in the importance of studying and knowing God’s Word. We need to realize that there are false teachers among us.

Look at verse 9. Jesus is saying He is the gate. This means He is the way. We will be studying chapter 14 soon enough but look at 14:6. Jesus is saying He is THE way, THE truth, THE life. There is no other way for man to get to God.

QUESTION: What are our privileges when we remain in Christ, see verse 9? Does this sound confining to you?

Jesus speaks of the thief. Anyone teaching and living against Truth is considered a thief. A thief’s motives are to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus says His purpose is to give us a rich and satisfying life. This should cause us to reevaluate our lives and say yes to Jesus.

We all need someone to lead us home.

Notice how Jesus speaks in present tense. I am the good shepherd.
Today, this hasn’t changed. When we read the Bible, He is speaking to us. He is saying to us, “I am the good shepherd. I want you to follow me. I know you better than you know yourself. I am here to help you get home to be with me forever. I love you.”

QUESTION: What does Jesus do for us, see verse 11? How does a false shepherd act towards their sheep, see verse 12-13?

QUESTION: From verses 14-16, what makes Jesus THE Shepherd that cares about His flock?

QUESTION: What is the result from Jesus leading His sheep? This is why United In Love exists. For this very thing to happen!

Jesus ends his teaching by sharing about His relationship with His Father. God is pleased with His Son. Jesus voluntarily chose to be our sacrifice for our sins. He ended it by saying how He does what God commands Him. We are to follow His example.

QUESTION: How did people receive His teaching, see verses 19-21? How do you receive His teachings? What will it take for you to believe, really believe? Where your belief turns into obedience?

We need a Good Shepherd to lead us. When we abide in Christ, we will receive a very satisfying life! His presence will carry us through the ups and downs of life. Right now we are swimming in murky waters. But we do not have to fear for Jesus is walking on the water offering His hand to us. He will pull us up to a place where we can rest and know that we are taken care of. He sets us down in a pasture with new direction as He leads us home.

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