I Am Never Alone

I hope God has helped you in your faith journey with the last blog, On A Mission. Jesus could not make it any clearer in who He is than what He said in the first part of John 14. If you haven’t read it yet, please go and read it before continuing on. Today we will study the second part of John 14. Go ahead and read verses 15-31. Jesus continues talking with His 11 disciples. There were 12 but we know one of them betrayed Jesus.

Notice how Jesus begins verse 15. IF you love me, OBEY my commandments.” Pay attention to the two key words.

QUESTION: What is so important about the word IF? Ponder that and listen as God speaks to you.

QUESTION: What is so important about the word OBEY? Ponder over this too and listen as God speaks to you.

QUESTION: What does Jesus do when you follow what He tells you? Look at verse 16-17. What promise does He give to you? How does the Holy Spirit lead you?

Let His promise sink into your heart and soul. You are NEVER alone when you walk with Jesus, NEVER! I battle with loneliness and I have a feeling you all do too. Isn’t if funny that you can be in a room full of people and feel alone? This reveals how we need Jesus. God made us in a way where the only thing that can satisfy our longings is with His Son. He truly is THE way, THE truth and THE life; John 14:6.

Jesus is the only one who can fill the void of loneliness.

We would walk differently if we fully understood this reality.

QUESTION: Why can’t the world receive the Holy Spirit, see verse 17?

Verse 18 is a such comfort to me. Jesus says He will come to me. I will never be an orphan. Both my parents are gone. I lost my dad when I was 28 when I was pregnant with my son. He left before meeting my children. He was sick for nine years prior so he was never able to come to my home after I got married. I would love it if he could come back for one day and I could make him a cup of coffee and sit with him at my table. My mom died 10 years later. I was 38. Jesus says I am not an orphan. This has brought me much comfort and God will comfort you.

Look at verses 19-21. When we put Jesus first, we are filled with newness. We will see Jesus for He is alive within His believers. We become spiritually alive. We have unity. We accept His commandments and will want to obey. This shows God that we love His Son which tells God that we love Him too. And what is His promise? He will reveal Himself to each of us! Stop and ponder that and then listen to what God is saying to you.

God will make Himself known to you.

A different Judas, from the betrayer, speaks up on why Jesus is only revealing Himself to them and not to the world. He was a bit puzzled. So, Jesus answered that He only reveals Himself to those who love Him and follow what He says. The Father will love them because of it.

QUESTION: Do you have trouble hearing God? If so, why do you think that is?

QUESTION: What will God and Jesus do for those who love and obey them, see verse 23?

Pay attention to the wording I used, obey them. The enemy is deluding many people into believing just God and not Christ too. If just believing God is true then Christ came to die for nothing. He was just another good guy, another teacher of scripture like the Pharisees. Ponder this and then listen to what God is saying to you.

“Anyone who doesn’t love me will not obey me.”

Ponder over that statement and let God speak to you.

Ponder over this, “My words are not my own.”

QUESTION: What does this say about Jesus? How do these words impact your faith?

Jesus eludes that He won’t always be there in person; look at verse 25.

QUESTION: According to verse 26, what is the Father going to do for us when His Son departs this earth? What is the role of the Holy Spirit?

See, we are never alone! Oh, if we could fully grasp this reality! We would live so differently, wouldn’t we?

PERSONAL QUESTION: How would you live differently if you truly understood who you become and what you receive when you live for Christ? What is stopping you?

QUESTION: Jesus leaves us with the most precious gift. What is it, see verse 27? And He tells us to not be what?

Jesus continues on teaching His friends. He reminds them to not forget what He has taught them. This is an important lesson for us. This shows how vital it is to be in God’s Word and study so we will know, believe and begin to obey what God is asking of us.

QUESTION: According to verse 29, why did Jesus tell them things beforehand? Go back and look at John 13:19.

Jesus leads us today in this same fashion. He prepares us for what lies ahead. His timing is truly impeccable. When we walk with Jesus, we are always in the right place at the right time.

The final two verses of John 14 reveals who controls the world right now. The ruler of the world, Satan, is going to think he has the upper hand over Christ. He will soon discover how wrong he is three days after Jesus dies on the cross.

“He has no power over Me.”

It is good to remember this truth. Satan was rendered powerless by Christ’s resurrection. When we walk with Christ, we have the power to control Satan! Did you hear that? When we speak in the name of Jesus, Satan has to flee!

Jesus faces the mission that God has called Him to. “I will do what the Father requires of Me.” Our mission is no different. What is God asking from you?

31 years ago I disobeyed God by marrying an unbeliever. Even in my faux paus, God never left my side. He taught me and led me to love my husband into the faith. This has been my mission and I am proud to say along with being humbled that God answered my prayer. Five years into our marriage when our son was born, Rob saw God. For the past almost 26 years, God has used me to love Rob unconditionally and show him the way.

Be encouraged. Whatever God may be asking of you, don’t be troubled or afraid. For you are not alone on this journey. Take His hand and begin the greatest adventure of your life!

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