Jump Into Boiling Water! I Dare You!

What would you think if someone asked you to jump into boiling water? Uh, the answer would be no! We know what would happen if we did such a thing, but that’s exactly what God wants you to do, go skinny-dipping into some very hot water! Why in the world would God wants you to that? Because He has something special planned for you and He needs to refine you. He needs to you to remove your worldly clothing and allow Him to dress you in His attire.

I want you to trust me on this. In order to get where God wants to lead you, every one of us needs to jump in so God can lead us home to heaven with Him.

Take a look at these carrots. There isn’t anything special about them. You wouldn’t say they are pretty. They are irregular-shaped and some are taller while others are shorter. They are marred and dirty and we all know they are hard. Yet, what happens to carrots when you steam them in a delightful jacuzzi bath of hot water? Why they soften, of course. This is what God want for you; to be softened and changed.

What if? What if I were to tell you that after seeping yourself in the hot water, you would begin to enjoy it? It wouldn’t be so startling to you and scary. You would discover a new way of thinking and doing life. As you immerse yourself in heavenly goodness, you become accustomed to God’s truth and ways.

So, how about it? It’s time to go chunky-dunking, as some of you may see yourselves. It’s time to try a new way of living life. Are you willing? As I mentioned, God wants you to be softened, changed. Why? Because God is getting you ready for heaven. Life on earth is a battle ground. Sin runs rampant and God is calling each of us to come out of its deadly grip.

ADDED INSIGHT: Look up 1 John 2:15-17, 2 Peter 2:20 and James 4:4 to learn more about why God is calling you to live differently than how the world lives.

And we all need to say yes to the offer that God gives each of us through His Son.

Are you are willing to jump in with no reservations? While the boiling pot of water looks rather menacing, once you get yourself wet you will get used to the water and it will start feeling good. Your muscles will relax, your mindset will breathe and a feeling like “Calgon just took me away” will envelop you. That phrase is dating me, not to mention my baby picture.

So, as we learn together how to live united in His love, we need to be willing; be willing to be changed from the inside out. It’s a willingness to jump in, submerse ourselves fully and allow the Holy Spirit to lead.

God’s love is not about wading in the shallows nor sitting on the sidelines. It is not having one foot on God’s side and one foot in the world. Faith requires full commitment. It is jumping in all the way and letting God have all of you. He is the God of 100%. There is no 99% for God, 1% for me. There is no 50-50. We are willing to be 100% for Him or not at all.

Many make the mistake of settling; settling for believing in Jesus only while living their life in how they want to live. This is the straddle effect, one foot in godly things and one foot in the fun, entertaining, worldly things. Settling is from the enemy and it’s a lie.

ASK YOURSELF: Go ahead and read Revelation 3:15-22. What is God saying to you in these verses? What is He impressing on your heart?

Today, it is about willingness and change. Think of the boiling water as God’s way of molding you into His Son’s likeness. The hardness of the carrots is our flesh, who we are in this world. By soaking ourselves in Him, we become softer. Not softer in a negative sense but actually stronger. And when we become strong in God, we are able to love those around us. We are able to love unconditionally.

What would our world be like if we all chose to jump in?

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