A Song In Your Heart

We are studying the last chapter of Habakkuk. We studied the first two chapters and saw how this prophet was tired of the sinful world. What he lived through back in his day is no different today. Sin still runs rampant, and it will until Jesus returns to make things right. We saw the human side of Habakkuk as he complained to God. We also saw God’s faithfulness as He answered His tired servant. It is comforting to know that God listens to us.

Habakkuk found comfort and peace in God alone. He understood who God was and he positioned himself accordingly. He knew that he could be real with God with his thoughts and feelings and that God would take care of things in His own timing. Habakkuk trusted God.

After spending time in humbled silence before God, Habakkuk 3 reveals how God uplifts a weary soul. Notice that nothing changed around Habakkuk. His circumstances remained weary, but his heart was filled with life. It was like God filled his gas tank so he could carry on with God’s tasks.

God pours Himself into humbled, repentant hearts where He fills them with joy and song.

Habakkuk 3 is a prayer that he sung about his amazing God who walks with him. It is a prayer that is for us. Let’s join Habakkuk and worship the God of Heaven together.

No matter the circumstances you are facing right now, God is with you. Even if you can’t see the end of a dark tunnel, God is working on your behalf. God works tirelessly for His children. Better days lie ahead when we put our faith and trust in the One true God, Jesus Christ.

Habakkuk starts out His prayer telling God that he’s heard all about Him. Notice his response in verse 2, “I am filled with awe by Your amazing works.” Are you in awe over God? Does He humble you and change you?

Habakkuk reveals the faithfulness of God, “In this time of our deep need, help us again.” Because of sin, we are in deep trouble due to the separation from God. The only way back is through His Son, and God faithfully pursues us to win us over by His love.

When we follow Christ, God restores our blurry vision. He gives us 2020 vision where we can see clearly His presence wherever we go. Look at verses 3-7 and ask yourself if you see the same thing today. Habakkuk sees “God, the Holy One, moving across the deserts.” Do you see God moving around you in His brilliant splendor? We learn in verse 3 that “He fills the heavens, and the earth is filled with His praise.”

His coming, His presence, is “brilliant as the sunrise.”4 God brings with Him His awesome power. His children cannot remain unchanged in His presence.

“When God stops, the earth shakes. When He looks, the nations tremble. He shatters the everlasting mountains and levels the eternal hills. He is the Eternal One!”6 Stop and let God stir your heart in this truth.

Habakkuk moves on to question God in why He struck the rivers and parted the sea. God is in charge of all creation and we would be wise to respond accordingly. Habakkuk asks, “Were you displeased with them?” Pay attention to the reason why in verse 8. God wasn’t displeased for He was sending chariots of salvation to redeem the lost, making new what has fallen.

Nature responds to its Creator. God splits open the earth with flowing rivers. Nothing stands still nor regresses when the power of the Holy Spirit enters in. When salvation comes upon a person, his dead soul comes alive full of life and vigor! Mountains watch and tremble as the mighty deep cries out in adoration to their God. Even the sun and moon stand still as God moves mightily about in His creation.

God is everywhere!

In verses 12-15, we see the realness of God. He is mad at Satan for deceiving His creation, see Genesis 3. “He marches across the land in anger trampling nations in His fury.” God is not happy that He had to separate man from Himself but sin is that vile and dark. Despite His anger, He never stops loving us. He went out to rescue His chosen ones, those who choose to trust and obey, like Habakkuk, to save them.

God is on a mission to save His people from the grips of death. He must deal with sin that resides in every human heart. We see how Habakkuk is trembling with fear knowing that disaster is going to take place.

Even though life seems barren and lifeless, as described in verse 17, Habakkuk remains focused on God. “I will rejoice in the Lord! I will be joyful in the God of my salvation!”18 Who is Habakkuk’s strength in verse 19? What does God do for Habakkuk?

When you have God’s song in your heart, you can respond like this faithful prophet and rejoice that God is in charge and everything is ok! We would be wise to respond to God like Habakkuk does as well as creation.

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