Pay Attention Please!

Studying the Scriptures lays the foundation of your faith. As you saw in the last post, Peter taught how to know God in a deeper way. You must feed your faith daily, just like you feed your body nutritious food. Faith needs to be fed or else it will wither and die.

Life-giving nutrition is found within the pages of God’s Word, and it leads you to the presence of God.

In the second part of 2 Peter 1, Peter tells you to pay attention to the Scriptures. Go ahead and read 2 Peter 1:12-21.

Peter continues in encouraging you to keep the faith. He doesn’t want you lose your focus. Verses 12-15 reveal his heart for God and for other believers. Peter won’t stop reminding you about godly things, eternal truths that will keep you strong in the Lord.

You are called to stand firm in the truth.12

From verses 13-15, why is Peter urgent in sharing what he knows about Christ and the truth? God may have not told you this same thing, but one thing is for sure, you will be leaving this earth at some point. Are you passionate about sharing your faith with others in the same fashion that Christ shares His love and truth with you?

Faith is the catalyst that helps you to see and hear spiritual truths. Peter had a front row seat to experiencing the love of Christ. He wants you to know that he does not make up clever stories about Christ. How did he describe the coming of Christ in verse 16? Where does Jesus receive honor and glory, see verse 17? How does God feel about His Son? Go to Matthew 17:5, Mark 9:7, and Luke 9:35. What does God say He wants you to do?

You are called to listen to Jesus.

Peter shares of the incredible experience he had up on the holy mountain. Go to Luke 9:28-36 and read about the experience that Peter and two others had. They not only saw Jesus in His glory but they heard God’s voice as well, thus affirming Jesus as God’s Son.

My friend, when you abide in Christ, dwell in the Bible, and listen to the Holy Spirit, God will reveal Himself in such a way that you will know that it is Him. This intimate relationship between you and God will solidify your faith. God places you on the Rock where He keeps you strong and mighty, ready for service in His honor.

Why must you pay close attention to what Peter and all the other authors of the Bible wrote about; according to verse 19? How long must you pay attention?

Christ must shine within your heart.

“Above all,” Peter says, “you must realize” what, see verse 20? Why is this important to know? How does this affect your faith?

Your faith becomes real when it is moved by the Holy Spirit, just like the prophets in verse 21. So many stop at their salvation and remain content with a little bit of God. They receive Jesus as Savior, but they don’t continue deepening their faith where Jesus becomes Lord. They don’t give the Spirit a chance to make Himself known within their hearts. They become religious.

I often think of religious people as those who like to swim in the shallows of the water. They aren’t unbelieving anymore, like those who sit on the beach. While getting their feet wet with God, religious ones keep their feet on the bottom where they have control over what they are willing to do or not do for God.

Peter is teaching you that Christ did not come to earth to be your sacrifice for your sins, just so you can splash around in waist deep water serving God and yourself at the same time.

Christ came for you to die to yourself.

Christ came so you will jump into the deep water where you cannot touch. He wants you to learn to fully trust Him, to walk (or swim) dependently upon the Holy Spirit, and depend on God to prepare you for Kingdom living. For this to happen, you must pay attention please! Awaken your heart and mind to the truths found in the Bible and God’s loving voice.

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