Believer’s Behavior

When you become a believer, God expects you to live by His standards. You learn what His standards are by studying and applying the Bible in your life. You change from worldly living to serving Your Heavenly Father. Instead of responding to what you want and desire, you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. A child of God lives for the Kingdom to come. A believer’s life on earth is about knowing His Lord and Savior and investing in the lives of others so they will come to Christ for their salvation.

The Apostle Paul teaches you and I how to live for Christ. He is wanting his “son in the faith”, Timothy, to understand how a believer’s behavior should be. We have studied 1 Timothy 1 where faith is pure and simple. Today, we are studying 2 Timothy 2. Paul is showing us what our conduct should be as representatives of God’s Church.

Go ahead and read 2 Timothy 2. Paul begins with an essential “tool” that every believer must use. It is prayer. Without prayer, you are depending on yourself. You are telling God that you do not need Him for you are capable on your own.

You see how Paul begins, “I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people.”1

A believer understands that they live dependent on Christ for everything. You are to ask God to help you and change you. You are becoming like His Son and God needs to prepare you for eternity with Him. Think of your life right now as boot camp training for God’s army.

What are you to ask God for, see verses 1-2? Why should you pray for those in authority?

Paul’s reasonings should cause you to pray all the time for everyone. Do you want this kind of life that Paul says is obtainable or does your flesh tell you that is boring? When you become a believer, what pleases God will please you. What do you learn from verse 3?

“God wants everyone to be saved and to understand truth.”4

Verses 5-6 is the pinnacle of understanding the Gospel. What do you learn? The world says this isn’t true, but knowing what Jesus did for you and I speaks differently. We have His Word which is alive and active! Read Hebrews 4:12 and 2 Peter 1:20-21 for added insight. His word is powerful enough to change a heart, no matter how dark or deep in love with the world someone is. The Scriptures can stop a person in his tracks and cause him to change his ways.

Paul goes on with who he has become as a Christian in verse 7. Do you have the same heart as Paul’s where you are actively sharing faith and truth with those around you? What does Paul want to see in every church according to verse 8? Why do you think he is calling men to pray this way? Men are called to lead in such a way that is free from anger and controversy. Men, God admonishes respectable living where you are stepping up like He is asking you. God calls men to lead spiritually in all areas of life.

When men rise up, God moves in powerful ways.

Ladies, God has roles for you too. Isn’t it wonderful to know that in God, men and women are equal in importance. He loves His creation. He does, though, have different roles for us. Neither man’s role nor women’s role is better than the other. They are created to compliment and work together to bring peace and harmony. You can tell how upside down the world is by all the hate, divisiveness, and chaos that ensues between the two genders. This is straight from Satan and so many are believing his lies. When man goes against the Creator and His design, confusion is ushered in. This causes deep darkness to prevail in a society.

What does Paul say in verses 9-10 about a woman’s appearance? How should a woman make herself attractive? I don’t know about you ladies, but this shows how deeply God adores us. We are more than pretty faces. We are more than arm candy to men. We are important, valuable, and God gives us purpose that goes well beyond vanity. We are called to do good things. Rise up ladies, and allow God to work within your hearts. You are vital to His Kingdom and He needs all women (and men) to stand up and live like warriors for the Kingdom!

To help with verses 11-12, look at 1 Peter 3:4-6. Where does beauty that comes from within come from? God has created women to play a very special part in His Kingdom. Although a woman’s part is the gentle side, it by no means is weaker or less valuable than men.

What do you learn from verses 13-14? This explains the different roles God has placed on men and women. Satan deceived Eve by dancing with her emotions. She immediately turned to Adam and offered him a plate of lies. They both ate willingly. Read Genesis 3 to learn about the origin of sin.

The final verse, verse 15, is uncertain in its meaning according to biblical commentaries. Paul may be saying that when a woman accepts her God-given role(s), she will be saved. A female has been given the privilege to give birth to new life. What a role for God to give women than to be the conduits to bring forth physical life, and even if she is unable to give birth, she still can enjoy motherhood through loving others in ways like adoption. God had a woman bring forth His Son who 33 years later became the Savior of the world!

Did you know that women set the tone for their homes? God has placed a high calling upon us, and we would be wise to listen to God instead of fighting Him. God calls women to “continue to live in faith, love, holiness, and modesty.”15

It is safe to say that God wants men and women to be vessels of His love. This means we all are to live in submission to God’s authority and ways. When we do, homes and families will be united in love, working together as one. This could not exemplify God’s heart any more clearer. Life is good when we live out God’s ways.

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