Jesus’ Christmas List

Do you realize that Jesus has a Christmas list? He desires many things, all having to do with you and me. His love radiates from Himself, for He is God, and He pours it upon His believing children. His wish is for every person to believe and receive His gift of salvation.

What would be on His list? If you read Matthew 5-7, you would see Jesus’ Christmas list. On the top of Jesus’ list would be blessings that He lavishly gives to anyone wanting to believe. He helps you realize your need for Him. He understands that life is hard, and it is inevitable to not mourn at times. He comforts you with His presence as you grieve. When you choose humility, He rewards you with the world. When you hunger and thirst for righteousness, He satisfies your soul. When you show mercy, you are given mercy. His children live in such a way that peace goes before all that they do. Do what is right, and the Kingdom will be yours.

Follow Jesus and a great reward awaits you in heaven. Jesus will lead you to flavor the world like salt. His love is the salt that is known in all cultures. Shine His light so others may see God for themselves.

Many blessings abound as you live for Jesus.

Next on His list, Jesus would reveal the lifestyle that is needed for Kingdom living. He is trustworthy, you know, for His purposes will prevail. To please Christ, you must not misunderstand why He came. You must not ignore the law found in God’s Word. You need to study it, so you don’t lose your footing and fall away from God’s will for you. You need to ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into understanding God’s truths.

Danger lurks around every corner. Anger and adultery ruin relationships. Great turmoil abounds which the enemy loves to see. Jesus understands how the enemy operates. This is why He says to keep your eye pure, and discipline yourself to stay on course with Christ.

God makes a covenant with His people. So, it brings great sadness to Christ when divorce happens. Work at keeping the peace and unity in your marriage. Stay true. Be careful of making a vow to someone and not keeping it.

Love like Christ. Remain generous even when treated unfairly. Go beyond what is expected of you. Love your enemy. Pray for them even. This will not be natural for you; thus, you need Jesus to live this out.

When you love like Christ, do it privately. Give quietly and pray when you are alone. Also, fast without anyone knowing about it. “God, who sees everything, will reward you.”

The greatest way to be like Christ is to forgive others. He forgives your multitude of sins.

Store up eternal things, not earthly things. Your heart will follow what you deem important. Money is a deceiving liar. God says you cannot serve God and money. It’s a love/hate thing, so, love God more than money.

Keep your eyes pure. You will be filled with either light or darkness. It is dangerous to think you have Jesus’ light when actually you are following the darkness. Be very careful. Ask God to awaken you from your slumber.

There is no need to worry for God cares for your every need. Seek God above all else, live righteously, and God will give you everything you need. Keep asking, keep seeking, and keep knocking on God’s door. He will open it. Jesus never withholds Himself from someone who is seeking Him.

Do not judge anyone. Quit looking for the speck in someone’s eye, their faults and weaknesses, when you have a log in your own eye. Every person is guilty of many sins.

Treat others how you want to be treated. Better yet, treat others how Jesus treats you.

Know that the gate that leads to the path of God is narrow. Only a few ever find it. You must walk through the gate. There is another road that is wide, and it can handle traffic jams. God’s children are called to help redirect traffic to the gate that leads to eternal life.

The gate to heaven is open to all people who want to follow Jesus.

Danger continues to lurk around. False Christians speak of God, but their hearts don’t really believe. Have discernment with who has authentic faith and who does not. Understand that not everyone who calls on God will go to heaven.

“Only those who do God’s will will enter heaven.”

Finally, Jesus desires for His children to live wisely. Listen to Jesus and follow what He has for you. You are to build your life on the Rock, which is Jesus Himself. When life comes to beat you up, toss you around, and trip you up, you will be able to stand tall on the Rock for you know who you are. You are God’s child and there is nothing greater than that.

Who is willing to live the lifestyle that Christ desires so He can receive everything off of His list? He came to earth in human form to die for every person ever born; past, present and future. We are dirty, messy, and fall short of His amazing grace. Yet, He came to save us from our sins. In return, His death makes a way for us to have eternal life for Jesus resurrected from the dead!

What a wonderful Christmas it would be if you and I would follow Jesus and live for Him from this moment forward.

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