Manifesting Faith

Life would be much easier if you could pray for Jesus to answer your every whim and desire without having to think about it. In Matthew 15:21-28, you see that this isn’t so. Jesus moves you and I forward in faith in such a way where dependence will take place rather than God becoming a mere genie who sits on the sidelines waiting for you to call for Him.

God wants you to live by faith in His Son’s presence.

You read about a woman who has a dire need to help her daughter. The only one who can help is Jesus. Every one of us has needs that only Jesus can rectify. For this Gentile woman, she believed by faith that this man named Jesus could heal her daughter. She crossed cultural borders and pleaded for Jesus’ help.

Do you have a hopeless situation that needs the healing touch of Jesus? Are you willing to humble yourself and seek His presence more than what He can do for you?

As this woman cried out, she found Jesus unresponsive, see verse 23. He wanted her faith to manifest into a deep faith where she will know why she believes and whom she believes. Jesus leads His children in understanding their need for a Savior. Sometimes He leads with silence, or you must wait for a reply. Despite what the situation looked like, this mother persisted in her cries for help and worshiped Jesus. Her persistence and humble heart made way for Jesus to grant her request.

Notice the grace, love and power of the Lord Jesus Christ, “And her daughter was instantly healed.”28

Faith takes on a whole new look when you choose to worship the King of Kings like this mother did. She sought with her whole heart the very person who could bring healing to her family. She understood that there is nothing or no one in this world that can do such a thing.

If you keep reading in Matthew 15, verses 29-31, you see more manifestations happening. Many gathered around Jesus; some were lame, others blind or crippled, while others couldn’t speak. In His presence, they were all healed! Those who couldn’t speak could now talk. The crippled were made well. The lame were able to get up and walk, and the blind could see. What manifested from this was a great rejoicing in God. How are you lame, blind, crippled, or mute perhaps, either physically, emotionally or spiritually?

People focused their eyes on God and lives were changed. They were becoming eternal Kingdom builders.

Continue on with verses 32-39 and see what Jesus did for these folks. Notice an important character trait of Jesus, He felt sorry for them. Jesus had compassion, and He has compassion for you. He didn’t want people returning home hungry. After all, this vast crowd just spent three days with Jesus and His disciples. What does this say about the hunger they had for truth? Do you have this same hunger?

So, Jesus in all His glory, fed 4,000+ people. “They ate as much as they wanted.”37 Reread verse 37. Jesus not only heals you from your sins, but He fills you until you are stuffed. He stuffs you with Himself. God has to replace you (your sinful fleshy ways) with His Son. For this to happen, a brokenness must take place. It is called repentance. Are you willing to turn around and walk obedient to His ways?

The disciples had 7 bread and fish. For an eternal impact to be made, they must be broken; see verse 36. To walk upon the narrow path that leads to heaven, God must break you. Heaven’s path is one of humility. It begins with the humble path to the cross.

Humility leads to gratefulness which manifests itself into great faith.

Deep faith frees you from the bondages in this world.

There are five things you can learn from this passage of scripture. 1. You must see your need for Christ. Every one of us has sins that only Jesus can eradicate. 2. You must understand who you are in light of who Christ is. It is so easy to take Jesus off the throne in your heart and place yourself on it. 3. To keep Jesus on the throne, you must spend time with Christ. The fish fry fed over 4,000 people who had just spent three days with Jesus. They reprioritized their livelihoods to be with Him. 4. When you stand in Christ’s presence, a brokenness must take place. Your flesh needs to be broken so God can rebuild Himself within you. He is getting your ready for heaven. 5. Jesus breaks down all cultural barriers. His love can do that, you know.

Spend some time allowing Christ to manifest Himself within you. He will take you on the journey of a lifetime, one that keeps going into eternity.

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