God’s Makeover

Ever since the infraction in the Garden, God had a plan to rescue His children back. They were stolen by a cunning serpent. Though the serpent thought he pulled a fast one on God, God already had a plan in place to give man a makeover if he so chooses. He began a restoration project. His plan was saturated in love, for it is big, and it is deep and wide. It covers the multitude of sins that every person commits.

God’s love is bigger than the all the oceans in the world.

While the enemy wants you to believe that God is the killjoy of all things fun in life, nothing is further from the truth. “God’s purpose is not to destroy us, but to restore us (aka give us a makeover). The enemy is the destroyer, but God has promised to restore the things the enemy has taken from our lives, all the years of lost joy, all the times of frustration and defeat, all the moments of regret, all the pains of lost opportunities, all the hurts of broken relationships. God is building His Kingdom within you, a Kingdom of joy, love, peace, righteousness, victory, redemption, and right relationships.” (Taken from Never Forgotten Always Loved by Day Spring calendar, March 9)

In Psalm 51, you see a relationship between God and David. Notice the honesty from David and the unconditional love from God. David sinned greatly before God. He let his flesh dictate his actions; read 2 Samuel 11. In this Psalm, David was confessing his wrongdoing and getting real before God. You and I are called to respond in the same fashion when we let our flesh dictate our actions instead of walking by the Spirit.

David asks for mercy. He knows that God’s love is unfailing. Because God has great compassion for him, He will “blot out the stain of my sins.”1 David owns up to his wrongdoings. He doesn’t cast blame anywhere else but on himself. He asks for a washing of his guilt. He needs to be purified and only God can make a sinful man clean.

“For I recognize my rebellion.”3

Who did David sin against, see verse 4? Every person, when they sin, they sin against God. What do you learn about yourself in verse 5? What does God desire for you; see verse 6?

Rebellion runs deep. God’s love runs deeper.

David continues to ask God for a heart makeover. He needs to be purified from his sins, and only God can wash him clean from head to toe and everything in between. “You have broken me.”8 While painful to go through, the makeover process is necessary. The removal of fleshy ways is necessary for Kingdom living. One cannot abide in Christ while their flesh is running the show.

David’s broken heart over his sins is evident in verses 10-11, “Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me. Do not banish me from Your presence, and don’t take Your Holy Spirit from me.”

David needed restoration, and he found it in God. You will too when you go to God honest and broken, not being afraid to be humble and vulnerable.

The joy of knowing you are saved by the grace of God needs to be brought forth in your heart. It’s easy to forget who you are. It’s easy to get distracted by the enemy or your flesh and refuse to hear from God. This is why David tells God, “Make me willing to obey you.”12

God was restoring his heart and mind for David tells God that he will teach God’s ways to all the rebels (aka distracted souls) so they, too, can return to God; see verse 13. His heart was getting refocused. Where do you need to get refocused?

Forgiveness is a life-giving virtue that God offers to every repentant heart. The taste of forgiveness is contagious. When God forgives you, your heart is healed. Look at verses 14-19 and see how David went from a broken heart to a restored heart. God gave him a makeover. His heart had joy once again. His lips were full of praise for his God loved him deeply.

What kind of sacrifice does God require from David, from you and me, see verse 17? God will not reject a broken and repentant heart.

God gives favor to His obedient children. What was taken down and removed, God replaces with spiritual walls that protect you from the dark world full of sin. God is your wall of protection. When the blood of Jesus is upon you, the Spirit helps to keep you on the narrow road that leads to heaven (Matthew 7:13-14).

You need a new heart, one that beats for Christ.

What is beautiful about God working within an open heart is that you receive a makeover daily from your gracious, loving Father. You need to give your day to God and live how He wants you to live. When you abide in this way, you keep the enemy bound. He can’t attack, sway, distract, lie to, or cause doubt when a heart is dependent upon the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Allow God to do a makeover on you and see just beautiful you will become.

One thought on “God’s Makeover

  1. I love reading your blog Carol! I usually read it quickly during the work week but on the weekend I can read it several times and really soak in what it says.
    Forgiveness use to be something I feared, but as I have grown in my faith it has become a layer pealing healing tool. I have needed to forgive my parents a lot throughout my healing journey as I realize new layers are there to peel back. I don’t fear it anymore. God has taught me well!


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