The Attitude of Your Heart

People were waking up one Sunday morning with sad, bewildered hearts. What had just happened two days prior was too much for them. Their hope was gone. Or was it?

Life can get dark and heavy, full of disappointments. One minute life is going along blissfully, and the next you are facing an unknown darkness, like the dreaded call, “You have cancer.” Or you go to work to find that your job has been eliminated. You have been let go. How about your spouse doesn’t love you anymore? A group of people, many years ago, found themselves in an unknown darkness. Their lives were filled with peace and love, then within 24 hours it was taken away.

God can break through any dark, lonely, trial.

Go ahead and read Matthew 28:1-10 and let’s learn from two women who endured this dark time that left them bewildered, wondering what to do next. Instead of mulling in their sadness and grief, they got up that Sunday morning and went to visit the tomb, the tomb of their Savior.

Where do you go when you are sad and brokenhearted, when your heart is crushed and bewildered?

Mary and Mary were about to have their disillusioned faith become jubilant faith. These two ladies were blessed beyond measure for they got to be the very first people to see God’s love come to fruition.

The ladies felt a great earthquake. God shakes things up when new life is on the scene. An angel came down from heaven, rolled the stone aside that sealed Jesus inside and sat on it.2 New life is powerful. There is nothing that God cannot handle, fix, mend, or heal! The angel’s face shone like lightening and his clothing was white as snow. New life is pure.

This was the day that the Lord had made. It was the day that sin was taken down.

The women were not alone. Guards were making sure no one could steal Jesus’ body. His murderers were worried that that could happen. When they saw the angel, they fainted and fell over. They couldn’t handle truth. It’s hard for unbelievers to imagine what God can do.

Mary and Mary received the greatest news ever given to mankind; JESUS IS RISEN FROM THE DEAD, JUST AS HE SAID WOULD HAPPEN!”7

Their reaction to this news reveals the attitude of a believer’s heart. In the passage of Matthew, you see six attitudes that reveal a heart that wants to see Jesus and live for Him and His Kingdom. Both of these ladies responded appropriately to the truth given to them. May you also respond accordingly so God can reveal Himself to you like He did with Mary and Mary.

Attitude 1: “Come, see where His body was laying.”6 Every person has to take the necessary steps in finding Jesus. You have to see for yourself. No one can walk the faith journey for you. Your father or mother can’t give you faith. Your spouse can’t either. This a solo response. Do you desire to know truth? Do you desire to walk by the truth? Mary and Mary believed. They walked closely with Jesus before His death. They lived by His Words alone.

Attitude 2: “Go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead.”7 The Holy Spirit will move within you giving you a message to share with others. Faith in Christ is not a silent faith. It is alive and active, and it lives within every Christ follower.

Attitude 3: God leads you in truth. He prepares you for what lies ahead. The angel told the women to tell the disciples that Jesus will meet them in Galilee. “Remember what I have told you.”7 A trait of a true believer is that they live and breathe God’s Word. They know it, believe it and receive it. They don’t leave home without it.

Attitude 4: You will listen to God and do what He tells you to do. The women ran quickly. “They rushed to give the disciples the angel’s message.”8 When God speaks, you go, not when it’s convenient for you. Your life has become His.

Notice their emotions, they were frightened yet filled with great joy. You don’t have to understand what He is asking of you. He walks with you as you obey His calling. As you obey, He fills you with Himself and there is where you find great joy, contentment, and abundant living. Notice another trait of God’s love for you, “As they went, Jesus met them.”9 They didn’t arrive to tell the disciples yet, and He was walking with them! He is with you as you live out His mission.

Attitude 5: When Jesus met with these two special ladies, they knew who He was! When Jesus comes around for you, do you recognize Him or are you preoccupied with lesser things? Mary and Mary ran to Him. They saw with their own eyes that their Lord was indeed not dead. I am sure the words of Jesus came flooding into their minds as the Holy Spirit was putting the pieces of their faith puzzle together for them to understand. Jesus does the same with you as you meet with Him and study His Word. The Holy Spirit helps you to understand.

They grasped His feet. They were broken and humbled with surrendered hearts. You must be too.

They worshipped their risen Lord. They did not need anything or anyone else. How about you?

Attitude 6: A believer will always be led by Christ. Jesus gave them words to live by, “Don’t be afraid! Go and tell my brothers to leave for Galilee, and they will see Me there.”10 Notice how Jesus referred to His disciples. In Christ, you are a part of a family, one that loves unconditionally. You are never alone anymore. You have the King of kings and the Lord of lords fighting for you. He becomes your ally, your greatest asset as you make your way out of this dark world.

In five and a half weeks, you and I will be celebrating this very special Sunday morning. May God help you to incorporate these six attitudes and live like Mary and Mary. Rejoice, for the Lord is with you!

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