Simple Love

God’s love is very simple. Jesus chose to leave heaven and become like you and me for one reason, to die in our place. Because of sin, we are hopeless, and we need saving.

You cannot save yourself nor can anyone else. Only Jesus can save you from your sins.

This week marks the final trek of Jesus’ journey to the cross. Thursday commemorates His final meal with His closest friends. He had final words to give them as He has been preparing them during the last three years for this very time. You could say He was handing the baton off to them to keep His legacy going. God’s Kingdom was near, and everyone was going to be given the opportunity to become a part of it. Jesus needed His disciples to go out into the world and offer the Gospel, God’s simple message of love. 2,000+ years later, Jesus is still calling disciples forward to take His message of love to our dying world.

There really isn’t nothing good about this Friday. Humans sent the most loving, kind, and compassionate man to His death. Why? Because humans are rebellious and stubborn and thinks they know best. Yet, God’s simple love goes beyond sinful ways. For Jesus, there wasn’t nothing good about what He had to go through to show us He loved us. For those, though, who choose to believe and receive Christ, Friday is indeed good. We now have hope, and we are rescued from sin.

After Friday, Sunday came. God changed the course of history forever. God’s Son rose from the dead! This is a big deal! So big that it demands a new course of action within each of our hearts.

God’s simple love is a serving kind of love. Take the time to study who the disciples were before Jesus said, “Come and follow Me.” What did they have to leave behind and what did they gain because of it? They said yes to Christ, and He reset their lives on a whole new path. Jesus gave them a new purpose for living, one that would take them into eternity.

As you study the lives of the disciples, did Jesus show them glamorous, Hollywood-style examples of loving others? Did they receive applause after applause, been given awards for bravery, or been set on a pedestal for all to see? Nope. It was quite opposite. They served the needs of others, whether physical like providing food, or spiritual like speaking God’s Word boldly. They spoke encouragement to weary souls and offered the hope of Christ to anyone who desired to know more. While some followed them and became disciples themselves, many hated them. They were persecuted for standing up for Christ.

Following the footsteps of Christ is not a glamorous one. It can’t be. There is nothing glamorous about sin. The world pretends to be glamorous as it pulls us in to believing that an exciting life is for the taking. What it doesn’t tell you is that there is an end to worldly living. It’s fickle and fleeting. The desire for more will always keep you busy wanting more. Whereas Jesus’ presence settles your soul. You know you were made for more and this world will not deliver what your heart truly needs.

So, this week, spend some time dining with Jesus. Learn all you can by sitting in His presence. Don’t let Friday come and go. Stop and allow Christ to penetrate your heart, soul, and mind. Jesus died for you. Don’t be blasé about the love that He is offering you. Let it change you. Then be ready for Sunday. You don’t have to wait until then, respond like the disciples today and allow Jesus to change the direction of your life. Lay down your ways and follow Jesus. He desires to use you in serving others so they, too, can experience His simple love.

Everyone needs to hear about God’s love. Get busy sharing it!

Life and love are not found in this world. Embrace the One who is life and love, and He will take you on an adventure of a lifetime where the greatest coronation will take place in His Kingdom one day soon. You do not want to miss out!

*Note: United in Love is taking a break. We are moving our daughter to Florida. Will resume either 4.21 or the following week. Prayers would be appreciated. I have tested positive for Covid on Saturday. So far, I do not have any symptoms. My husband also came in contact, and he is negative. Pray that our daughter is negative, and we can leave Wednesday as planned. Happy Easter!

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