It’s OK if You Don’t Measure Up

Every one of us has been mistreated, ignored, forgotten, or pushed aside at some point in life. So much so that it gives way to you thinking you don’t measure up. Because of this, you keep hurts dormant deep within your heart. Maybe you pretend you haven’t been hurt, or they don’t matter so you think you have moved on. Yet, they lie there festering in some way. They come out alright, in the form of strongholds. Alcohol and drugs are common band-aids. Food is popular. Keeping others at arms length where you don’t let anyone in is a sign of a hurting heart. A drive to be productive can become a stronghold. Are you needing the approval of others to quiet your yearning, bruised heart?

We erect walls and keep doors shut from others and especially God.

Every one of us aches for relief from strongholds. I want to belong but what if I don’t measure up in a particular social group or another? What if my spouse loses interest in me? What if I fail at work or home? I am afraid to be alone. I just want a faithful friend. Your soul searches to be accepted in such a way that another person will embrace all of your quirkiness and insecurities and love you forever.

“Be still, my child, and know that I am God!” Psalm 46:10

I have great news! Over the weekend, I read a chapter in a book that comforted my own aching heart. I would like to share parts of it with you. May your find solace and healing from the God that loves you more than any person could. Taken from Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund, Crossway Publishing, page 63-64.

Here is a conversation that every one of us has had with God:

“No, wait,” we say cautiously approaching Jesus. “You don’t understand. I’ve really messed up, in all kinds of ways.”

“I know,” Jesus responds.

“You know most of it, sure. Certainly more than what others see. But there is perversity down inside me that is hidden from everyone.”

“I know it all,” Jesus says.

“Well, (there’s a long pause) the thing is, is isn’t just my past. It’s my present too.”

“I understand,” Jesus responds.

“But I don’t know if I can break free of this any time soon.”

“That’s the only kind of person I’m here to help,” Jesus clarifies.

“The burden is heavy, and it’s getting heavier all the time.”

“Then let me carry it,” Jesus says.

“It’s too much to bear.”

“Not for me,” Jesus reassures.

“You don’t get it. My offenses aren’t directed toward others. They’re against you.”

“Then I am the one most suited to forgive them,” Jesus lovingly tells him.

“But the more of the ugliness in me you discover, the sooner you’ll get fed up with me.”

“Whoever comes to Me, I will never cast out,” Jesus speaks the truth of John 6:37.

(Here are my words) There is no hurt or excuse you can throw at Christ where He will not catch and receive it with love, mercy, and grace. Christ will never reject you!

Read what else the author says, “We cannot present a reason for Christ to finally close off His heart to His own sheep. No such reason exists. Every human friend has a limit. If we offend enough, if a relationship gets damaged enough, if we betray enough times, we are cast out. The walls go up. With Christ, our sins and weaknesses are the very resume items that qualify us to approach Him. Nothing but coming to Him is required, first at conversion and a thousand times thereafter until we are with Him upon death.”

It is an amazing thing to realize that you do measure up when you go to Jesus. In humility Jesus receives you. In unconditional love Jesus heals your broken heart. In mercy and grace Jesus restores what sin has taken away from you.

Whether you had an earthly father who would never encourage you. He always found fault in everything you did. Your heavenly Father is your biggest cheerleader. He is proud of you. Go to Him and let Him heal your wounded heart.

Whether you grew up without an earthly father, you do have your heavenly Father who loves you deeper and wider than His universe. Go to Him and let Him heal your wounded heart.

You are ignored. Your heavenly Father does not ignore you. Go to Him an let Him heal your wounded heart.

You feel forgotten, lost, lonely. Your heavenly Father sees you. He is with you. Go to Him and let Him heal your wounded heart.

You have been beaten and misused. How can anyone erase the filth? Jesus can. Go to Him and let Him heal your wounded heart.

Your soul will be accepted, quirkiness, insecurities, and all, by Jesus. He will love you forever.

Jesus places His love within your broken heart.

Whatever ails your wounded heart, Jesus can fix it, restore it, and make it new. Just go to Him for He says you are breathtaking and so worth His time!

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