Getting the Inside Scoop

The disciples of Jesus enjoyed getting the inside scoop on what the Kingdom of God was all about. As they spent time in the presence of Jesus, they soon discovered that the Kingdom isn’t about a place like heaven or a church building, it is so much more. They came to understand that the Kingdom is about a person. His name is Jesus. When Jesus is present, the Kingdom of Heaven is near; see Mark 1:15, Matthew 4:17, and Luke 17:20-21

“The Kingdom of God is already among you.”21

Throughout the Bible, God teaches you through parables, which are stories that teach spiritual lessons. In Luke 8:4-15, Jesus teaches a farming parable. The disciples, as well as other discerning believers who followed Jesus, would be permitted to understand the secrets about the Kingdom of God. They got to experience the inside scoop. Others, who did not respond to Jesus’ messages would see and hear but they wouldn’t be able to understand.

Invest in news that is trustworthy and true.

In this parable, God gives a glimpse into how people respond differently to godly truths. When you hear God’s Word or read it, what happens to that seed, as Jesus calls it, or that nugget of truth when it enters your mind? God is hoping you let it go deep within your heart. This is where His sanctification takes place. Deep within your soul, God works out the “kinks” of your flesh and replaces your sinful nature with Himself as you become a new creation; one fit for His Kingdom.

You read about four seeds. Where do you see yourself?

Seed 1 falls on the path and gets stepped on as the birds eat it. The seed quickly disappears. This describes a person who hears God’s message yet allows the devil to come and take the truth away. He prevents you from believing.

Seed 2 falls on the path that is crowded with rocks. The seed begins to grow but it soon dies for a lack of moisture. This describes a person who hears God’s message and receives it. You begin to grow spiritually but no deep roots form. You turn your back on God when temptation comes around. Your heart desires other things more than Jesus.

Seed 3 falls among thorns. Because you are growing among them, they choke you to death. You hear God’s message yet truth gets crowded out by the cares, riches, and pleasures of this life. Your faith can never mature for your heart is divided. It is not fully committed to Christ, like the disciples were.

Seed 4 is where you get the inside scoop! This seed falls on fertile soil. Truth has a chance to grow and produce a crop bigger than itself. You flourish in your faith as you become fruitful in bringing others into God’s family. You let truth penetrate every fiber of your being. You cling to Jesus and His Word allowing God to produce a harvest of right living. You are becoming one with Christ. The ways of this world become less and less important. Your life becomes His in the most beautiful way.

For you to have seed 4 within you, you must be willing to expose your whole heart to God. Lay it all down at the foot of Christ’s cross. No more secrets. No more hiding. This is scary but necessary. I want to promise you that no matter what secrets you are trying to hide, God already knows about them. Here’s the beauty of this, GOD STILL LOVES YOU AND WANTS TO LIVE WITHIN YOU TO SHOW YOU A WHOLE NEW WAY TO LIVE!

God says you are worth it!

No matter how deep the scars of your wounded heart may go, GOD IS TRUSTWORTHY. He will heal your brokenness and teach you about the greatest love ever created. There is a wholesome, healing, transforming kind of love that can be yours if you just simply believe, repent, and follow. God’s love for you is bigger and stronger than any hurt you experienced by another person.

Many struggle with trusting God because their earthly father fell short in some way. God wants to become your perfect heavenly Father while you live on earth. GOD IS YOUR PERFECT PARENT.

Believe this truth. You are worthy of God’s Love.

Today, get in on the inside scoop and see what God has for you. Get into God’s Word, take sermon notes on Sunday and go over them throughout the week, and awaken your soul to Christ’s presence. He is with you. Talk with God about everything. When He speaks, whether an encouragement or a conviction, listen and learn. He’s helping you to become like His Son, ready for heaven one day.

*Side Note – United In Love is taking a break next week. Spending some time with my husband. I will resume encouraging you the week of August 22.

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