Living the Good Life

The greatest play found in God’s playbook for life is Luke 12:21, “Yes, a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God.” While money helps with day-to-day living, when one makes it paramount over their faith in God, life goes awry. Many people become sleepy Christians where they aren’t living for God. They live for this world instead falling for the trap that they are living the good life.

For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Some people, craving money have wandered from the true faith
and pierced themselves with many sorrows. 1 Timothy 6:10

Jesus does not want His followers to fall for the enemy’s trap. There is nothing good about Satan and his demons. They are part of an evil plan to kill and destroy. You and I take part when we take our eyes of Jesus for even one thing. So to help the disciples, as well as you and I, Jesus teaches how to live the Good Life that has been created by God in Luke 12:22-34. We would be wise to study this passage and align our lives to live how Jesus says to live.

Jesus tells them to not worry about everyday life. Life is not just about food and clothing. It is so much more than the tangible side of life. To understand this, you need to rely on the Holy Spirit, heeding His call on your life everyday. When God becomes alive within you, you become a beacon of light in helping others live the Good Life.

Jesus says to look at the birds. God feeds the ravens. Are you not more valuable than they are, see verse 24? Do you find yourself worrying about this and that? Jesus says to stop that. What do you learn from verses 25 and 26 about worrying?

Next, look at the flowers. They don’t fret and worry. God helps them to grow and become beautiful. If God tends to flowers that have such a short life span, won’t He take care of you? “Why do you have so little faith?”28 Every one of us struggles with this. We struggle because we don’t live by God’s playbook. We accept a pseudo-style of the good life. In the end, we will be sadly mistaken.

Jesus continues with food and drink. While eating and drinking are essentials for living, they are not to be placed above your relationship with Christ. Nothing is to take Jesus off the throne in your heart. Nothing. What does verse 30 say about those who place anything but Jesus on the throne? What is the beautiful promise given?

“Your Father already knows your needs.”

You are truly living the Good Life when you believe with confidence this reality. You learn to trust God more and more, and the Holy Spirit changes your heart so you will seek the Kingdom above all else, see verse 31.

“He will give you everything you need.”

Jesus ends His pep talk of how to live the Good Life by telling them to not be afraid. It makes God very happy to give you all that belongs to Him. You are to return His love by completely trusting Him.

The final two verses are a bit of a struggle for many believers. “Sell your possessions and give to those in need.”33 It is hard to let go of things that you have worked so hard to obtain, and then help those who may have made bad choices that led them to their need. Once you become God’s child, your money, possessions, goals, dreams, wants and desires, even your rights, are laid at the foot of the cross. There, you let Jesus do what He needs to do to help you simplify your life so you become rich in God.

What do you learn from these final verses about the richness of God in your life? What would your life look like if you heeded Christ’s words?

Choose wisely.

To live the Good Life that comes from heaven, every believer must simplify their life. What needs to be removed from your life so God can take you from the pseudo good life that ends in great sorrow to the abundantly Good Life that takes you into heaven with Jesus by your side?

Be willing to let Jesus coach you from this day forward.

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