God’s Playbook

Football players must know their team’s playbook inside and out so they can operate as one on the field. It is the same for every believer on God’s team. The Bible is our playbook. You and I must know what is written on the pages and execute the plays when were out in the field of life.

Jesus started out recruiting 12 disciples. In Luke 10:1-20, you read how 72 more disciples were chosen for God’s team. These rookies needed to be taught God’s playbook so they could go out and share the love of God. Read today’s passage and see what you need to know about being a player on God’s team.

The instructions Jesus gave were as follows: 1. PRAY. A team player is dependent on the coach. You will follow what he says. You will do what he tells you. When this happens, the team acts as one and great plays turns into a winning season. In God’s case, the Kingdom will grow. Many more rookies will join His team. Jesus says in verse 2, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.”

Understanding this truth, we should be working hard at knowing God’s playbook and executing the plays needed so more people will come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

2. ASK GOD. Ask Him to send more workers. Be intentional in helping others to become disciples. Each of us needs to be doing our part. God uses sinful people who choose to be redeemed by Christ to help save the world. The mission is a noble one. It’s an eternal investment.

3. GO. You have become the Lord’s sheep. As His sheep, you will be venturing onto the field where wolves will be hanging out. The wolves represent those who don’t know Jesus or are not interested in His redemptive plan for them. Yet, God uses believers as beacons of light in a dark world to find those who want to be saved.

As you GO, Jesus gives some details about playing His game effectively. Don’t carry around excess baggage or money as you go town to town. You must be dependent on the Holy Spirit as you go and serve your Lord. Don’t get distracted along the way by greeting others. You are on mission and you must stay focused. Distractions will come to stop the game from being played.

As you enter a home (or school, workplace, or entertainment venue), know that you will never be without God. Bless the home with peace. If the people are peaceful, the blessing will stand. If not, it will be returned to you. You are to stay in one place and enjoy the provision offered to you; accept their hospitality. Be content with your circumstances.

If a town welcomes you, eat what is set before you. Have humility as God uses you. Heal the sick. There are many without Christ. Speak how the Kingdom of God is near, and may the Lord call new rookies forward into a saving faith in Christ.

If a town refuses you, leave and wipe the dust off your feet. God will deal with those who refuse to follow His Son. “What sorrow awaits you.”13 Jesus tells His disciples, “Anyone who accepts your message is also accepting Me. And anyone who rejects you is rejecting Me. And anyone who rejects Me is rejecting God, who sent Me.”16

Jesus coached His players and they were ready for the game. They had God’s playbook and they were ready to go out and be His light. All 72 of them went out in pairs. They joyfully returned and reported to Jesus that “even the demons obey us when we use Your name!”17 When life is lived out God’s way, victory is a guarantee! You will have an undefeated season when God has His hand upon you.

Because of who Jesus is, Satan is a defeated foe. Jesus let them know that He was there when Satan fell from heaven. In Christ, every believer has His power within them. Jesus gives you authority over all the power of the enemy. No adversary will injure you. You can walk among them, crushing them with your feet. Nothing will injure you. So, there’s no need to be afraid of the wolves on the playing field.

Jesus made sure that His team remembered what is important. There names registered in heaven is way more important than getting cocky that demons have to obey you. God choosing you is the golden ticket. It gets you into the arena where you have full access to God’s playbook and so much more.

Take the time to not only study God’s playbook but follow it whole-heartedly. Your life depends on it. Be a part of the winning team that will take you into eternity with Jesus by your side.

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