A Cloudy Day For a Christian

The “Son” shines bright for those who follow in His footsteps. His light is able to shine bright when hearts are aligned with His. God gives clarity, peace, and joy when you seek to know more from Him. There are times, though, when His light is obscured by clouds. Clouds can overcast your faith for a short time or last a lot longer like days, weeks or years.

What brings on the clouds? It is not from God. It is our own wrong choices and thinking that causes Christ to become overshadowed. How so, you might ask? In the Bible, God gives two short passages of scripture that tell of cloudy days that caused believers to act and think in misguided ways.

One is in Luke 19:45-48. Jesus enters the Temple, His house of prayer, to see it being used as a marketplace. Jesus sternly spoke, “My Temple will be a house of prayer, but you have turned it into a den of thieves.”46 A big cloud formed over God’s Church. Believers forgot how to act like God’s children. They saw an opportunity to make a profit. What we learn is this not okay in God’s Kingdom.

To help get them back on track, Jesus taught daily in the Temple. A lesson to learn, here, is that while Jesus was away teaching elsewhere, those in Jerusalem lost their focus. You and I will lose our focus if we don’t keep Jesus in the forefront of our lives. Our eyes and ears need to be awake and alert to God everyday, willing to respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

In verse 48, how did Jesus’ presence and words help to clear away the clouds? “All the people hung on every word Jesus said.” You and I must do the same if we want to keep the clouds away. Know the Bible well. I mean, really well. Dig deep and discover God.

The second passage of scripture reveals how a heart can become cloudy by learning about a man named Judas. Look at Luke 22:1-6 to see how the ways of this world lead to very cloudy days, days that could linger and linger if not dealt with. The plot to kill Jesus was at hand. Religious people had enough of His different ideology. Not only were clouds forming, but a big storm was brewing.

How can religious people become so misguided? They believe in God. They know God’s law. They worship at the Temple. What is missing? What cloud is hanging over their heads?

Quite simply, they lived by the ways of the world and what they desire themselves. They believe in God, but they don’t believe God. Read that again. God was standing right in front of them, yet they refused to humble themselves, repent of their sins, and follow Jesus. Memorize Proverbs 3:5-8 to help with understanding what God wants you and I to learn here.

Judas was one of Jesus’ closest friends. He was up close and personal with Jesus and saw first hand who He was. How in the world did a gray cloud build over his life? If one can form over Judas’ faith, it can with you as well as me. We must be aware of the evil that surrounds us. At every corner, turn, or hill, the enemy is ready to derail our bright faith. He will cast a shadow of doubt, and what do you know, a cloud forms overhead. He will dangle a gold carrot in front of your eyes to lure you away, and what do you know, a cloud forms. “Go to sleep my child and ignore what the Bible has to say. You don’t need God. I will lead you to something more fulfilling.” All lies from the enemy.

Satan casted a big cloud over Judas. Yes, A BIG CLOUD! This cloud has six characteristics that help a child of God to become sleepy and non-responsive to God’s voice. Learn these and ask God to keep you from making the mistake Judas did.

  1. Be careless with the Words of God and with His Son Jesus. Remain blase’ over the truth. Read Luke 21:34-36 and pray hard that this doesn’t happen to you. Carnal thinking occurs when it’s cloudy out.
  2. Judas took the steps to let the enemy know how to trap Jesus. Judas was focused on what he desired. He walked away from godly living. What steps are you taking? Are they away from Jesus or towards Him?
  3. A gold carrot was dangled in front of Judas and he went for it. This world is full of empty rewards. What is attractive to you?
  4. Judas agreed to lies over focusing on Truth. Do you desire to spend time in God’s Word? Your answer will reveal where your faith is.
  5. Judas set his sight on turning away from Truth. “He began looking for an opportunity…”6 His heart was set on selfish gain. What are your priorities?
  6. Evil hides. Judas waited for an opportunity when the crowds of people were not around. Where do you hide? Remaining quiet, staying neutral, and blaming others are traits of hiding.

Be honest with God and yourself. A cloud may be looming if any of these are true. Call out to God and He will clear away the confusion.

Your days do not have to be cloudy. God will give you everything you need for bright, sunny days. For this to happen, you have to do your part. Study the following scriptures to help keep the clouds away: John 14:1-14; John 15:1-17; Philippians 2:12-18; Matthew 6:19-34. What else do you learn from God’s Word that will help you to walk in the “Son”? Have a great, “Son”-shiny day!

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