How God Helps You To Believe

In His three years of public ministry, Jesus went about teaching to whomever wanted to listen. As He taught from the scriptures, He revealed how He was God by performing miracle after miracle, healing people from illnesses as well demons. He spoke with great authority, so much so that people were drawn to Him. He gave the opportunity for people to experience a freedom like they have never known before. A freedom that changed their lives. Whatever was a burden in their hearts was now replaced with joy and praise, for God heard the desires of their hearts and He answered them.

Jesus understood that people needed to experience Him in tangible ways so that they can take these experiences with them for future reference. You could call them little altars of praise that are kept within your heart. When you face uncertainty down the road, the Holy Spirit will remind you of how He walked with you beforehand. He reminds you so you know that you can trust Him with your current situation.

Trusting God helps solidify your faith and holds the pieces of your life together.

As you walk down the path that leads to salvation, God is faithful to build up your trust in Him by revealing Himself to you in the most simplest, intimate ways that warms your heart. Many of these moments can be chalked up to coincidence or luck, but for a believer who has allowed Christ to reveal Himself, one knows that it was God loving on them in the most sweetest of ways. He is beckoning you to walk in obedience like Jesus walked with His Father.

Jesus gives each child of His building blocks of faith that helps solidify that He is trustworthy. Think back, where have you seen God move within your life? What moments of faith has He given you? He does this so you will come to know and believe that He is Lord. Read John 20:24-29 and see how Jesus gave Thomas an aha moment to help solidify his faith in Christ.

“My Lord and my God!” Thomas exclaimed.28

Thomas represents you and I before we come to understand who the Trinity is, and what they want to do for us because of the dilemma we find ourselves in. Thomas was a disciple of Christ yet for some reason, he wasn’t with the other disciples when Jesus appeared to them after His resurrection. The others told him that they had seen the Lord, but Thomas just couldn’t believe without seeing for himself the wounds that were inflicted on Christ.

A week later, when they were all together, Jesus helped Thomas with his faith. Verse 27 reveals the intimate love that Christ has for those who desire to believe. Notice the similarities between what Thomas wanted (v.25) versus how Jesus answered one week later (v.27). Thomas spoke about what Jesus needed to do so he could believe, and Jesus answered accordingly. Stop here and let God speak to you about this. What do you need to talk to God about?

Jesus also said in verse 29, “Blessed are those who believe without seeing Me (physically).”

God likes when I reminisce of past times where He has made Himself real to me. My spirit is uplifted and encouraged. It helps me to face whatever I am uncertain about today. I know that God is with me. He is making a way right now, even if I cannot see it. I can trust Jesus as well as the Holy Spirit when they speak to me. I can hold on without wavering, trusting in confidence.

One memory that helps me to trust God confidently was with my second pregnancy. I had my son and I was hoping for a girl this time around. Four months into the pregnancy, God gave me a very clear dream. At the time I didn’t realize it, but God showed me what my daughter looked like. I knew she was a girl and I was nursing her. Being that it was a only a dream, I didn’t fully believe. I needed an ultrasound to tell me she was a girl.

After Katie was born, it took longer than normal for my milk to come in (God has a process for a woman to feed her baby). This stressed me for I wanted to nurse rather than give formula. In my stress, God had me recall that dream. It was a tangible way for God to connect with me. “Carol, I showed you ahead of time so you can be rest assured that you will be able to nurse her. All is well.” And I did just that. This was a building block of faith for me. God has used this moment as well as many other altars of praise to keep me believing and trusting Him.

God is interested in all your moments, no matter how trivial.

Ask God to turn on the light in your heart and mind. Seek Him and He will give you many aha moments of faith!

Thank God and be grateful as God brings about aha moments for you. He is simply helping you to believe in such a way that it causes you to turn to Him and walk in obedience. He is helping you to trust Him fully, so whatever is coming down the road, you can have confidence that He will make a way. And when you are on the other side of whatever it is you are facing, you will be able to look back, smile, and go, “Wow Lord, You are really something. I am in awe over you!” And from that moment on, you will closer with your Savior and Lord.

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