A Rainy Day Blessing

Everyone faces a rainy day or two or three, and so on in their lifetime. My husband and I are facing what we call our fourth rainy day in over 33 years. We are thankful for God’s faithful provision in each one, and every day in between.

God has provided work for my husband since our college days and into our marriage. With one interview, God provided a career through one company (that changed ownership two times). He has worked for 35 years for a disc drive company. This season has now ended for he was laid-off this week. God is telling us it is time for something new, and we are embracing whatever that is.

We can embrace God’s plan for He has proven Himself to us in the most endearing ways. Today, as we face what is next, we can rely in confidence on our God who loves us and who takes care of us. He will unfold the next season of our life. Our first season, back in April, 1989, two days after our wedding, was a big rainy day! I was going to find a job after our wedding. Rob already had one. But on that Monday as we flew to Mexico for our honeymoon, we found out that Rob was laid off. Here we sit in a foreign country, newly married, not much money saved up, with no jobs.

What started out as rain, turned into something very good. “I have you and I will take care of you,” God said to me. I was beginning to learn to hear His voice inside a hotel room. He was building up my faith. The company Rob worked for had transfers down to Oklahoma. Rob and I found ourselves moving south from Minnesota. For the first 12 years of our marriage, God taught me how to walk by faith as I fell in love with His Word. God blessed us with two children too.

Another rainy day happened at the 12 year mark of our marriage. Rob needed to make a choice with his job. Does he leave the company, for his division was being transferred, or does he follow and relocate his family. He chose to transfer his family back to Minnesota. While moving, God made the transition smooth and easy. We have been here for 21 years.

The third rainy day is a more personal one. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. This shook me to the core, but God in his faithfulness carried me as I faced my fears. He taught me more of Himself and helped me to stand strong in adversity. My diagnosis tested my husband and children as well. My heart’s desire was for my children to see a cancer survivor. They had already lost their grandmothers, an aunt, and an uncle to cancer. God honored my desire and I am forever grateful.

As we face our fourth rainy day, we know for certain that God is with us and He will provide. As we look back on the years gone by, we cannot find a time where God did not help us, love us, or make a way for us. We have been delivered every time!

You could say God gives rainy day blessings.

What starts out in the dark, will come out in the light at some point. You can be sure of that when you walk with God. Even if your prayers are not answered how you would like, God still gives blessings. You just have to look a little harder to see His hand working in your situation. He is there, never doubt it!

Faith is made strong when we choose to believe that God will show up. We can trust Him.

No matter if you are new to trusting, like I was back in April of 1989, or you have allowed God to build up a strong foundation in your life by walking with His Son, no matter what, God will never leave you nor forsake you. His mission is to get you home to heaven. What He needs from you is cooperation in His process. This process looks different from person to person. God has a plan for each of us and we need to follow where He is leading.

So, the next time is begins to rain, look up. God is clearing it away to give way to new and better things. Soon, you will see what He was doing, and it will be wonderful. You will praise Him and give Him all the glory.

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