Living Unrushed

Take a deep breath and think about this word, unrushed. What comes to your mind? What would your life look like if you lived each day this way? I have a feeling that God would love for you to live unrushed. Jesus did, His disciples did, and you can too. As you think about your schedule, does this seem like a fairy tale?

Does this reflect your daily life?

Abiding in Christ while walking in obedience to the Holy Spirit, God the Father will create an unrushed lifestyle for you. Call me crazy if you haven’t experienced this before, but when you walk in faith with the Trinity, you are able to accomplish more in the same 24 hours that everyone is allotted. God brings order to your day; read Proverbs 16:9.

You would be wise if you chose to live unrushed.

The responsibilities of the day will always be there, either beckoning for you or perhaps screaming for your attention. Yet, when you surrender your calendar and those responsibilities to God, He somehow in a miraculous way, gives you time for the things that are important to Him.

God may ask you to let go of unnecessary things that fill your time. He may tell you to not give so much priority to this or that. He may rearrange your schedule. Whatever He asks of you, are you willing? Are you willing obey and be used by God?

With a willing heart, God can move mightily through your hands and feet to be a blessing to another person(s).

I have a friend with a willing heart. As she she goes about her busy day, she asks God, “Lord, if I am supposed to help someone, may I be available.” Shelly desires to see people when she is out and about whether it’s with her family and friends, her neighbors, or strangers in a store. Earlier this week, God revealed some needs to her at Target. Notice the simplicity of God’s calling on her. A man needed a new pair of shoes. He walked in with broken, flip-flop style shoes (in the middle of winter in Minnesota). After pondering if God was nudging her, she went and grabbed various sizes of shoes and went to find him. He was already in line at the checkout with a new pair. She thought, “Well, Lord, did I just see a need and he’s taking care of it or am I to help him?” She listened intently for God’s nudge and she approached the man and told him she was going to buy his shoes for him. He was taken aback but did allow her too.

Now, Shelly does not know what his other needs were, but God does. One day in heaven, God may reveal the purpose behind her actions. You and I can know that God had a reason and because Shelly followed through, a man left the store having something to think about and ponder on. He may have had doubts about God and God used Shelly to show him how real He is. She might have been an answer to a prayer. God knows and that is all that matters.

While still at Target, Shelly saw two servicemen at the self-checkout. God nudged her heart to talk with them. She asked them if they would want a coffee, her treat. They were taken aback but said yes. They sat for a short bit at the Starbucks in Target and she thanked them for their service and listened to what they had to say. She encouraged them. They departed and Shelly went on her way shopping and you and I can know that God had a reason to give three people time to chat. Shelly still got her stuff done while being the hands and feet of Christ, all because she was willing to let God orchestrate her day.

God works behind the scenes. You and I do not need to know all the details. We are called to live unrushed so God can move within us when opportunity arrives. Shelly took time to meet some needs, needs that she won’t fully understand but God does. This is faith in action. This is faith that trusts God. Notice how simple God’s call was. Shelly bought a pair shoes and sat with two men over coffee. Look what a little money and a little time did for three people. Who knows what conversations were said at home by those three. I am guessing their hearts were filled with gladness over the kindness of one woman.

Through one woman’s willingness to take the time to see people, God was revealed in the most wonderful ways.

My dear friend met my need during a time where I lost my brother after finding out my husband was being laid off from his job. She was the hands and feet of Christ to me. Rob was at hunting camp and I was alone at home. We hung out all day long at the Mall of America. She wouldn’t take me home. She even bought me dinner. She simply hung out with me in my sadness and stress. Her simple gestures filled my heart. I praised God that night for I felt His presence through my friend.

God will give you time to see those around you. Bless others today.

I hope and pray that this encourages you to be on the look out for those God has placed around you, whether someone you know or a total stranger. Everyone has needs. Everyone needs encouraging. Everyone could use a sprinkle of kindness. If someone loves you in this way, receive it and be ever so thankful. God uses people in the most simplest of ways to reveal His incredible and indescribable love that is found in Jesus Christ.

Live unrushed and see how God shows up.

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