God’s Faithfulness Never Expires

God is not deterred by age. No matter the season of life you are in, as long as you have breath, God is moving you forward from one glory to the next as He moves you closer to your eternal destiny. One is never too old to learn something new, or do something different.

Rob and I are experiencing such a time where God is saying, “I’m not done with you yet. I have more for you.” After working for 35 years with the same company, Rob was laid-off in December at the age of 58. While retiring was tempting, we knew that we weren’t ready for that season. There is more to be done.

So, we prayed. We gave God our situation with open hands and asked what He has for us. And God answered.

He confirmed that there is more to be done and retirement still lies ahead. Almost 5 months later, Rob has accepted a new job; one that God made rather clear. A job that he will be able to mentor others as he learns something new. He enjoys learning so this job will be a perfect fit for him. And God knew that.

Rob was very tired, physically and mentally, from his job. While a lay-off wasn’t ideal, God was moving us to new things, better things perhaps. God moves within His children so they remain faithful to Him, dependent on His Son. He deepens our trust so that no matter what happens in life, we will know that He is there with us! And Jesus’ presence is all that we need.

In the last year, our son and his wife became parents to twin boys and then moved to Kentucky. Our daughter moved to Florida for more warmth and sunshine. Rob and I are left in Minnesota. I injured myself, or should I say, God laid me down gently on a crooked sidewalk and dislocated my shoulder (my injury is a faith story for another day) last summer. While healing, which took 8-9 months, Rob was laid-off.

So, here we are, in a season of newness. Even in our mid-to-late 50’s, God continues to move us forward for His glory. Rob is going to begin a new chapter which will hopefully take us into retirement. God has been working within me for the past seven years to prepare me for what is next. He has taught me new things that I never thought I would do. Writing faith-based blogs and publishing my story in a book were a part of His plan, and more is to come. I am currently honing my artistic skills; I am taking a watercolor class.

I want you to be encouraged by our God story. God has remained faithful to us. There has never been a time in our 34 years of marriage where God left us on our own to do our own thing. He taught us to give everything to Him, and He will see us through our days. And God’s faithfulness never expires.

Are you or someone you know looking for a job? Give it to God. Keep your hands open in prayer. Surrender your wants and desires and let God reveal His plan for you, then go willingly.

Wherever you find yourself, know that God is helping you get to the next thing, whatever that may be. Jesus is walking with you. The Holy Spirit is showing you the way. Listen and do what you know to be the right thing. At God’s appointed time, He will answer you in ways that will cause you to praise Him and give Him all the glory!

Let this scripture encourage you to live by faith. It is Matthew 25:21, “The master was full of praise. ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!'”

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