The Battle Fought from Within

Whether you realize it or not, there is a war between God and Satan happening right now, a spiritual battle waging in the heavenly realms. Satan has been fighting God before He created the world and its inhabitants, and it will continue until Jesus returns to judge Satan and all those who reject Christ. If you are interested in understanding the history between God and Satan, get a copy of my book, “God Hears My Heart.” I share from scripture what went on before Genesis 1:1 took place.

The battle of good and evil is all around you and within you.

For now, Satan has authority upon the earth. God is sovereign over Satan, yet the devil is allowed to run freely in what he thinks is his domain. His domain is soaked in sin and rebellion against the Creator (read Genesis 3 to see how this happened), thus God sent Jesus in human form to become the Messiah that every person is needing to follow to be saved from sin and rebellion.

When a person receives Christ as his Lord and Savior, he becomes a child of God (read John 1:12). This ticks Satan off. He loves when humans ignore God, especially His Son. Satan is heading to hell for his disobedience, and he is bringing as many as he can with him. So, when you decide to follow Jesus and live according to God’s Word, Satan becomes relentless in tripping you up, getting you to doubt your faith, and trap you anyway he can so you will give up on God or at least keep Him in the background.

Let 2022 be the year where you put Satan in his place, and Jesus in His rightful place within your heart.

In Matthew 4:1-11, God gives practical ways in dealing with Satan. You can look at how Jesus handled his devious ways. If Jesus had to battle Satan, you will too!

First, notice how the Holy Spirit was with Jesus. He is with you too. He will lead out of sticky situations that Satan lays before you (read 1 Corinthians 10:12-14 and James 1:12-18). Next, notice how Jesus became very hungry. He didn’t forget to eat. He fasted on purpose to teach you that even in the most trying of circumstances, God in you is greater than Satan messing with you. Jesus had the power to diffuse Satan. You have that power too.

Where are you hungry? I’m not talking about just food. What do you crave in life? “Wherever your treasure is (the things you love), there the desires of your heart will also be.” (Matthew 6:21) And whatever you idolize, worship, or love more than God, there Satan will sit and feed you lie after lie to get you turn away from Him.

In hunger, the enemy attacks. Thus, you must stay well-fed in the scriptures so it’s harder for Satan to attack you.

Satan had the audacity to question Jesus in three areas. Look at verses 3,5, and 9 and see what Satan told Jesus. How did Satan show pride and arrogance? Satan was trying to get Jesus to question who He is. My friend, he will question you too.

How did Jesus respond to Satan, see verses 4,7, and 10? What tool did He use to silence him? What does this tell you? God’s Word has authoritative power to shut Satan up! Look at verse 11 and see how Satan responded to Jesus.

The name of Jesus and God’s Word makes the devil cower and flee.

Within these verses you find six lessons that will help in following Jesus and not Satan:

  1. God is always leading you home. He will always remain with you. Let Him lead you forward.
  2. When you are hungry, you are weak, vulnerable and tired. You are more susceptible to searching for worldly things rather than God. When your soul is full of the world, your appetite for God fades.
  3. It is easier to focus on your flesh when you are hungry. Satan begins the downward spiral in your thoughts. He plays a mean mental game.
  4. Satan lies. If he can get you to question God and who you are as His child, he can take you down. Satan will downplay Jesus within you, causing you to doubt when you can’t see God working in you. COMBAT HIS LIES WITH GOD’S WORD.
  5. Satan has to flee when you are focused on God and His Word.
  6. Satan will return. Never put your guard down. You must remain in Christ at all times. Keep your ear to the Holy Spirit. He will keep you on the safe path in God’s presence. You will not stay on the path in your own strength and wisdom. Your flesh is too weak and selfish. You need Jesus on the throne in your heart. Satan wants to keep you focused on your five senses (the physical, tangible part of life) so you will not look up at God. He will quiet any truth within you, dulling the voice of the Spirit.
Jesus will keep you on the path to victorious living.

The battle is fought from within, every one of us battles it. The good news is that the battle already has a winner. His name is Jesus. So, the next time your feelings and thinking don’t line up with God and His Word, you are being played by the devil. Stop the train and kick him off. Study 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 and gain victory over the enemy.

It’s time to live victorious my friend.

One thought on “The Battle Fought from Within

  1. Thank heavens for Jesus victory over satan. So good for your words that remind us how easy it is to fall down the slippery slide. Daily the armor of God needs to go on. Thank you for being so faithful in your writing. God bless in the new year.


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