Thirst No More

Read today’s scripture, John 4:1-42. We will study the conversation between Jesus and a woman. In verse 4, it says, “He had to go through…” Jesus chose that route so He can have opportunities to reach outcasts, those who felt despised. Hmmm, do you feel this way? If Jesus sought out misfits in His day, I have great news! He seeks us misfits today! The woman was an outcast, immoral and indifferent to religion. We find her going about her day when she encounters a man at the well who can change her life. She knew of the Messiah coming. She knew that this Jew shouldn’t be asking a Samaritan, especially a woman, for a drink of water. This was culturally wrong in their day but Jesus came to debunk what society deems culturally right and wrong. His mission, to set people free and to live united.

QUESTION: What does Jesus say to her in verse 10? His offer is the same today. Have you experienced His living water? You will know it if you have. This living water fills you with the Holy Spirit which then filters out to your relationships. The Holy Spirit connects believers in unity.

QUESTION: Look at verses 11-12 and list out her reasonings she gave Jesus that showed she didn’t realize who she was talking to. She responded to Jesus with human reasoning. What would be your reasonings that would cause you to not see? What reasonings do you give for not knowing Jesus and following Him?

Jesus responds to her in gentleness and truth. He explains what the world offers is short-lived. One will always thirst for more. Think of a band-aid on a wound that never heals. You have to keep replacing the band-aid with a new one. What are ways we place band-aid “fixes” to ourselves? An example, we desire more money but when is it enough? Money is a popular band-aid. Yes, we need money to live but the seeking of excess can become a hindrance.

INSIGHT: Anything that we place before Christ can be likened to cheating on Him. We are choosing to have an affair.

Jesus offers her another way. Come and drink the water from Him. His water becomes a bubbling spring within which satisfies the soul and gives eternal life. We see that she loves what she hears and asks Him for it!

QUESTION: What are other kinds of band-aids we use to keep ourselves covered up, to keep ourselves protected or hidden perhaps? Jesus is offering you His healing water. What would your life look like if you drank what Jesus is offering you and allow Him to strip away your band-aids? I promise you, He will not leave you with open sores. He will heal you!

QUESTION: Do you have the same attitude as this woman towards Jesus?

If Jesus can love an immoral woman or a disciple who sold Him out, He can love you!

We see how Jesus knows all about this woman. He tells her to go and get her husband. She speaks truth and tells Him that she doesn’t have a husband. He continues on with her past and her present-day situation of living with a man. Notice how He speaks non-judgmentally and He doesn’t condemn her. He simply offers Himself and the love that would change her life!

INSIGHT: Jesus is offering Himself to you. He wants you to live fully in His love, healed and whole. All you have to do is face Him and talk openly to Him about your sins. He will bend down to listen. Read Psalm 116:2. Then allow Him to change the direction of your life.

The woman continues with questioning Him on where to worship. Worship was about a place where God resided in the Old Testament but Jesus was bringing in a new way to worship. His Presence is church. His Presence lies within His children who have chosen to follow Him by means of the Holy Spirit. His church is now everywhere.

QUESTION: In verses 23-24, what does Jesus say about how to worship? What is God looking for from us?

She continues with her understanding that when the Messiah comes He will explain everything. He explains to her, “I AM the Messiah!” Jesus will reveal Himself to an open heart that will receive Him. Jesus speaking “I AM” is present tense. 2,000 years later, we can speak of Him in present tense for He is alive and active.  

While the two were conversing, Jesus’ disciples returned from getting food. They assessed the situation with human reasoning which left them unsure of why Jesus would speak to a Samaritan woman. How our flesh responds first, doesn’t it? This shows us why it is imperative that we must live in God’s Word daily so God’s truth remains in the forefront of our minds. We can then sort out our thoughts and follow truth. There will always be a battle between our flesh and living out truth. Our daily goal is for truth to win!

Jesus’ living water transforms a soul, just like brine can turn cucumbers into pickles.

Eventually the Samaritan woman left the well and went to tell others about her encounter with Jesus. She invited whoever would listen to come and see Jesus and many came to see Him.

QUESTION: Are you changed by the words of Christ? Do you want to share them with others? Does Jesus’ Presence make your soul come alive? Ask God to lead you to speaking to others about Him. Ask God to give you a thirst, a thirst for Him and seek. You will be found by your loving Father.

The disciples continue seeing with human eyes and reasoning. They were sensitive to His human needs, He needed to eat, yet when Jesus said that He has the kind of food they know nothing about, they figured someone else gave Him food.

QUESTION: How did Jesus reply to the disciples in verse 34? What does it mean? How can you apply your life to the analogy of the harvest in verses 35-38? Does God call you to be a planter or a harvester? Your calendar may need to go on a diet so you give God time to lead. Are you willing to make changes?

One woman responded to Jesus amidst her daily life and then shared her story with those around her. Because of that many came to believe. They begged Jesus to stay so everyone could hear the truth. Verse 42 gives us an important fact in believing Christ, “we have heard for ourselves.”

QUESTION: Each person needs to hear truth for themselves. Each person chooses to respond to following Jesus. No one can speak for another. If that’s the case, then God would speak of His children and grandchildren in the Bible. Who is around you that still needs to hear about God’s amazing love?

We each are responsible for our own salvation.
We cannot choose it for others nor can someone choose it for you.

One worldly woman had the opportunity to talk with Jesus. She engaged herself and discovered unconditional love; no contempt, judgment or callousness, just sincere love. Each and every one of us has the same opportunity. We will be greeted with the same love that this Samaritan woman did. Today, we have an advantage. We don’t have to go somewhere to meet Jesus. He is around us right now, waiting and willing to lavish each of us with His love, grace and mercy. How about it?

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