Know and Believe

Read John 6:60-71. In our last lesson, we studied the conversation Jesus had with many people who were fed with a couple fish and some bread. He went on to tell how He is the bread of life. We discovered how patient He was with them. They had a difficult time understanding what He was saying. Despite this, Jesus continued on so they could understand. We see how much compassion He has for people.

This picture depicts living in a foreign land. God moved us to OKC from St. Paul
two months after we were married. On our honeymoon, we found out that Rob was
laid-off from his job. I did not have a job yet! Yikes! But God had a plan.
Rob transferred with the company he worked for to Oklahoma. Here we are
in our first home, a one-bedroom apartment. OKC was home for 12 years!

QUESTION: From verse 60, what troubled His disciples? Their concern was legit. Do you ever feel that way?

QUESTION: Jesus knows the depths of a man’s heart. What were the disciples doing in verse 61?

INSIGHT: When we don’t understand things, our human flesh takes over, doesn’t it? We wonder, ponder and even question things. We put our confusion off until later but later never comes so we stay muddled in our flesh.

Jesus was preparing His followers for what was going to take place. Reread verse 62. If you want a sneak peak of what Jesus meant, read John 20. He prepares His children by teaching them truth so they will know how to live this life abundantly. He shows them who He is so they will know and believe. See verse 69.

After living in our apartment for two years, we purchased our first home. We lived here for six years. We purchased a newer home several miles away. Little did we know that God
was protecting us and watching over us. Several months after moving, the new owner was robbed in the middle of the day! I would have been home with napping kids
if we still lived there!
God protects His own.

Study verses 63-65.

QUESTION: What do you learn from Jesus’ words? Who gives eternal life? What do you think Jesus means by “human effort accomplishes nothing”? Jump ahead to John 15:5 to help with answering that.

QUESTION: What does Jesus say in verse 64 that is troubling? What do you think about this?

Jesus is showing us how we need the Holy Spirit guiding our choices and actions 24/7. We are to let Jesus lead our lives or else we stop believing but living this way daily began to wear on the disciples.

QUESTION: What did many of His followers do, according to verse 66?

This is reality. Following God can be likened to a marathon race; read Hebrews 12 for deeper insight. We are on a journey until God takes us home. Think of your time on Earth as basic training for heaven. To keep going, remember all that God has done for you. Jesus endured the long haul from heaven to earth and back again so we can have eternal life and hope. We are to stay the course.

My husband has a green thumb. In God’s family, we are apart of His beauty. But for
us to bloom, we need to be tended to, pruned, weeded, and cared for. God wants
to do these things for us (not to us) so we will rise up and be who He intended.
We have to let Him or else He will leave us to the weeds and thorns.

Simon Peter gives us the antidote for when we want to give up and go our own way. It is found in verses 68-69. When we realize there is absolutely nothing on earth that we need, want or desire more than Jesus Himself, we get it. The connection with the Trinity becomes our reality and the love affair we have with the things in this world will fade away.

QUESTION: How do these verses show that His disciples had a right heart attitude? What is your heart attitude? Does your life reveal that Jesus has convinced you of His love and grace?

If you are hesitant to answer this, that’s ok. It just means that you need to continue seeking and asking. The Holy Spirit will lead you into knowing the Lover of your soul and mature you so you can answer like Peter did.

Jesus reveals the truth about His Twelve disciples in verses 70-71. This is a somber and scary realization. A person can hang out so closely with Jesus and hear truth and still not be a believer.

QUESTION: What do you think about this?

QUESTION: We can liken Judas as someone who goes to church, reads/ studies the Bible, prays and helps people. So, what does it take to become like the other eleven? How did Judas miss out? He was in close proximity to Jesus. What does this mean for you?

BONUS QUESTION: Judas made money from selling Jesus out. What evils can root up from loving money? Look up 1 Timothy 6:10, Matthew 6:24, 1 John 2:15, Matthew 19:23-24.

INSIGHT: Romans 2:28-29 can give us greater clarity on Judas missing truth. Instead of the word Jew, I will have it read believer. It will make it relevant for us today. “One is not a true believer just because they were born from believing parents or because they go through religious acts (from denominations), like circumcision. No, a true believer is one whose heart is right with God. True circumcision or faith, is not merely obeying the letter of the law; rather, it is a change of heart produced by God’s Spirit. And a person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not from people.”

Our lives are in His hands. What matters is whether we acknowledge
and live accordingly to that fact. This is from Never Forgotten Always Loved by DaySpring.

We are going to leave this study lesson pondering these questions. I want to encourage you to go back and reread my other blogs to help in obtaining a greater understanding. Talk with God and get real with Him. He knows you better than you know yourself. He is wanting you to get to know you. We must sit at His feet brutally honest about ourselves. Be brave and let God reveal the sins lurking within you. We all have locked closets chuck full of cobwebs that lead to wrong motives. Let Him show you why you do things. We have to stop trusting our own reasonings. Look at how people reasoned with Jesus and missed it. Don’t miss out. It’s time to “get it”.

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