New Release

I cannot believe that this day has arrived. Almost five years ago, God called me to sit at my dining room table and mark out an outline for a book. A book that that will help others to walk with God. Throughout my adult life, God placed a dream, a desire to do something within my heart. I just could never figure out what it was until now. By nature I am an artist. So. when God called me to write a book, I cowered over the idea.

By the grace of God and His Spirit within me, I obeyed His calling. Today, my book, excuse me but its our book God, is being released to the public. After all the tears, fears, and doubts, God has made me a writer. I am very excited to share how God has proven Himself to me that He is real, trustworthy and the best thing to ever happen to me!

My response to God’s love, share it with others.

So, I introduce to you, “God Hears My Heart”. A love story that God had planned out before the world was created. It started with His Son and trickled down to me. God had to prove Himself to me. I just didn’t believe and follow. God had to teach me. After 40+ years of walking in faith, God has placed me on His firm foundation. I can speak like Peter did in John 6:68, “Lord, to whom would we go?” I have no where else to turn and trust other than Christ.

Jesus has become the love of my life.

I do not know where you are in your faith with God. I do know that God is calling you to go deeper, whether it’s in the beginning stages of discovering Christ as your Savior or you are needing to continue in maturity where Christ is Lord. Wherever you are, my prayer is that “God Hears My Heart” will become a resource as you look to God. He desires to become your best friend.

Take a look at an excerpt from the book: “The way I would describe my relationship with God in the early years was a dance. My parents loved to dance. Knowing how to do the waltz, they would glide around the dance floor. God and I would try the waltz, but it was not as smooth as my parents. God led, and I kept kicking Him in the knees and stepping on His feet. I wasn’t conceding to His will and way. Instead, I wanted God to go my way and dance the way I thought the waltz should be. Thank goodness He has patience with me.” (page 126,127)

I want you to experience waltzing around the dance floor as God has His arm around you, holding you close and leading you home. The best way to begin is by knowing scripture deeply. You could call it the secret sauce to living the abundant life. Biblical truths change you.

Check out another excerpt from the book: “God wants you to get a new wardrobe and be clothed with items that will enhance your beauty in Him. God wants you to be comfortable in His attire. But you have to get in the fitting room and try truth on. It might not feel comfortable at first, but eventually you will find that God’s style fits you like a glove, like Jesus Jeggings.” (page 123)

Life takes on a who new look and meaning when we look to Jesus and allow Him to change us by biblical truths. God’s ways are timeless. They are for every generation. My friend, they are for you.

Think of God’s Word as spiritual food for your soul. God feeds you with it. Just like your body need physical food to survive, so does your soul. When your soul is filled with truth, everything around you changes, for the better! One way it will become better is that United In Love wants to give back. A percentage of the royalties I receive from selling my book will be given to Feed My Starving Children, an organization that feeds children all over the world. They have packing facilities that you can volunteer your time and put together meal packets that will be mailed out. They feed the heart and soul and help to preserve the next generations.

Walking in Christ makes you thrive.

I need you to have a bit of patience as the various marketing sites are making my book available. The easiest and best way to receive a copy of “God Hears My Heart” is through my publisher, Kirk House Publishing. Check out the link: It will become available on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kindle. They are having a few issues so hang tight if you want to order that way.

I would love to know how God is making Himself known to you by sending me an email at We are to encourage one another.

Thank you for joining in and following along. It is good to walk united in love.

God bless!

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