The Secret Sauce to Living

“And this is how God treats us when we follow Him. He loves us so that we can bloom and share ourselves with others. He redeems the wrongs in our life and remolds us with all good things that matter to Him. He adopts us and forever more we have unconditional and committed love from our Father.” (God Hears My Heart, page 29)

The safest place to be is in the arms of God.

When we understand this, everything changes. Our thinking begins to look from a new perspective, God’s point of view. Our hearts awaken to the presence of His Spirit looking for a place to reside, to abide in. We see with clearer vision. We listen more readily, and we are changed from the inside out.

We take time daily to become who God is calling us to be. We need to be built up so we are strong in Him. This happens when we are in His Word. “For the Word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.” (Hebrews 4:12)

God had me write my story and put it in book form where others can learn about His Word. “God Hears My Heart” is a great resource that aids in understanding who God is, who we are, and unfortunately, who the enemy is. My book, along with many other wonderful resources, helps in understanding the Truth.

It’s the secret sauce to living.

Gathering with others and studying together is beneficial to believing God. We gain greater insight when we learn together. Rob and I are experiencing this as we are engaged in a marriage Bible class. Today is our 32 wedding anniversary, and we continue to learn and grow with each other. Spiritual growth, marriage growth, parenting, other relationships, etc., continues on. We never arrive at a place where we stop maturing, until God calls us home.

Home is heaven. Home is when we are in God’s presence for eternity.

“God Hears My Heart” has study questions for each chapter. Gather some friends and be encouraged together. See what God will do in the midst of learning and growing. He is going to show up, that is what He is going to do. You, nor your friends, won’t be the same because of it.

If nothing changes, I am afraid you’ve been duped by the devil. So many believers fall for this. We become content with a little bit of God. We feel good; I went to church, Bible study, helped my neighbor, provided for my family, “God is proud of me” is what we tell ourselves. Check Him off our to do list, and go on with our life.

My friend, this is not the secret sauce to living. This is religion. This is me loving me. “God Hears My Heart” addresses the enemy that is after all of us. He wants to take us down. I expose Him, so you won’t fall prey to him.

We must be alert and always on guard!

We are called to rise up and know, to know the truth. “God Hears My Heart” will teach you to know the truth. I lay out the gospel in a simple way so everyone can understand it. God wants everyone to come and know who He is and what He did to save us.

Because of sin, we are headed on the wide road to hell. Jesus is our detour; the only detour. By His sacrifice, we are made whole, clean, new, and pardoned. Jesus sets our feeble feet on the narrow road that leads to heaven; see Matthew 7:13-14. When we become His child, see Acts 4:12, we must remain alert for the devil will ensnare the freedom we have in Christ by duping us with lies. He lies by keeping us thinking we can live life apart from Christ instead of living dependent in Christ. Just have a little bit of God.

“Faith is a journey, a process, where God leads you by the hand one step at a time.” (God Hears My Heart, page 152)

May today be a new day, a new life, a new calling. See and hear, God is wooing you to Himself. He desires to walk with you. He wants to show you your best life. He is hoping that you will let go of your good life and receive the abundant life only found in His Son. This is the secret sauce to living. Grab hold and don’t let go!

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