Your Constant Companion

You are learning how to build the Kingdom of God right here on earth. You live by faith, not just by listening to a sermon once a week, but moment-by-moment of every day. At United In Love, you and I are changing our ways, and seeking to walk with the Lord’s Son for He is our constant companion.

A new series is beginning as you study the book of Hebrews. No one knows who wrote this book. Many believed it was Paul. The author was writing to the Hebrews who came from a Jewish heritage while becoming believers of Jesus. They would understand the Old Testament, and the author was going to help them to see how Jesus fulfilled all of the Old Testament prophecies. He was going to help these young believers to go deep with Christ in an intimate way.

Go ahead and read Hebrews 1, and deepen your faith in Christ.

In verse 1, you get a snippet of what life was like in the Old Testament. How did God speak to people?

In verse 2, how does God speak to you and me in these final days?

God speaks to you and I through His Son.

This is the game changer my friend. Not only did Jesus resurrect from the dead, He also walks with you. People in the O.T. did not have this personal friendship. God only spoke through certain prophets. Life was tedious and bloody for believers in the O.T., but Jesus took care of that by becoming our bloody sacrifice. In Christ, you simply believe His sacrifice, trust in God, and obey the Spirit.

What do you learn about Jesus in verses 2-4? Allow these truths to change your heart and mind.

Jesus is truly the King of all kings and Lord of all lords. You read that He is greater than all the angels. Look what God says about His Son in verses 5-14. God brags on His Son. He should, shouldn’t He? Jesus left His perfect world in all its love, harmony, and peace, and chose to become like one of us. The only difference, He never sinned. You and I cannot say that. For 33 years, Jesus walked a blameless life, His mother’s pride and joy. Why? To save you, to save me, to save the world from the consequences of sin which is death.

Jesus chose to take your sins upon Himself, die a criminal’s death, even though He was innocent, to become the greatest ever in all of earth’s history. He conquered death so you can have everlasting life! This is Good News! The sad news is that most people reject Christ. God gives a taste of this reality in a couple verses; look up Matthew 7:13-14, 22:14, and Luke 13:24. May you not be a part of the majority.

In verse 5, you see the intimate relationship between a father and his son. This love is carried onto you when you follow Christ. Whether you had a great relationship with your earthly father or not, God will restore your heart when He resides within its walls.

In verse 6, God esteemed His obedient Son. In the world, angels were to worship Him. You are too. Every breath you take should be in honor of your Lord. What would your life look like if you lived this way? You see in verse 7 that angels have assignments. Like the wind and fire, they come and go. What does God say about His Son in verse 8 that is different than what the angels do? You see how God has placed Jesus above them. Jesus has a throne for He is King.

God anoints His Son in verse 9. What do you learn about Jesus that should help you in how to live? The world is bent on evil and distorts justice. To walk in God’s ways, you will live differently from those around you.

God gives you reason to follow Christ whole-heartedly in verses 10-12. What did Jesus do in verse 10? Because of sin, the world will perish, including man, according to verse 11. One day, Jesus will fold up His creation, like old clothing, and do what with it, see verse 12?

What are the two truths that will anchor your soul to Christ while you live in this dark world, look at verses 11-12?

Jesus remains forever.

Jesus is always the same.

Jesus will live forever, and so will you when you abide in His mercy, love and grace.

Angels will never have the position that Christ has, see verse 13. What a promise to hold onto as life throws obstacles at you, frustrations, disruptions, etc. Because Jesus is with God, and you are with Jesus, you have His authority over you. The enemy has to flee when Jesus is present. Tired of the enemy, like I am? Look at verse 13 and see what Christ does for you. Satan is a defeated foe under you. Jesus has control over him when His blood is upon you.

A believer inherits salvation, according to verse 14, when you follow Jesus and walk by the Spirit daily. Angels come and serve and care for God’s children.

You are never alone in Christ for He is your constant companion. Continue building yourself up in Christ as well as serve Him as God uses you to build up His Kingdom.

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