Living Beyond Yourself

Right from birth we learn about ourselves through our senses. God gave us five of them: taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight. They open us up to the world around us. While they help us to identify who we are, God does not want us to solely rely on them. We become lovers of the world more than our love for God’s dear Son when we live life in the physical realm only, placing God on the back burner. It is easy to live this way where we keep God near by, fitting Him in as we see fit.

Human nature is a barrier to God, yet when we seek Him, He cuts away the barriers to set us free to be with Him.

From my book, “God Hears My Heart,” there is a story about 10 men who faced a situation where their faith in God was misdirected by the physical world. They had a need that they knew Jesus could fix so they called out to Him. Unfortunately, 9 of them missed what Christ did for them. They enjoyed His blessings, but could care less about Jesus Himself.

Below is the excerpt from my book, pages 76-77:

“Living by your five senses can hinder your walk with God. You see this in Luke 17:11-19. Ten men suffered with leprosy. Because of contamination, in their day, leprosy meant loneliness and isolation. These ten men must have heard that Jesus was coming their way. As Jesus entered their village, from a distance they cried out, ‘Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!’ Jesus’ simple look at them warranted His love. He told them to go and show themselves to the priests. As they left to go do what Jesus said, they were cleansed of their illness.

“Now, wouldn’t you think that those ten men would make a U-turn and hightail it back to Jesus to thank Him and praise Him? We sure would like to think so. We like to think, ‘I would go back.’ But would you?

“Nine of those men did what most people do, found happiness in their returned health and continued on their way. I would think that they would have been thankful, but their thankfulness was misdirected. In their self-confidence, they had expected to be healed. Only one man returned to Jesus with an exuberant heart that knew where his life had come from. Only one! He praised Jesus loudly and fell at His feet, thanking Him for what He had done. Jesus asked him, ‘Didn’t I heal ten men? Where are the other nine? Has no one returned to give glory to God except this foreigner?’

Our human behavior must sadden God. His commitment towards us is never returned in kind. For the one man who did return, his faith healed him, inside and out. For the other nine, their outsides may have been healed, but their insides were full of ‘self.’ Nine left healed but with dead hearts. The sole returning man attained mercy, grace and love from the One who holds life in His hands, all because he chose to see beyond his five senses. His life now had been extended beyond the grave.”

Take some time with the questions below and allow God to speak to you. Don’t be ashamed if you are living like the nine men. If you are willing to change, God will meet you and help you to become like the one man who’s heart is spiritually alive.

How did nine men miss Christ? They experienced God yet missed Him.

What is different about the other guy?

Where do you see yourself?

As we enter into the season of thankfulness, lets become aware, I mean really aware, of the love that God has allowed us to experience and follow. Let’s become His children who wholeheartedly follow after Christ. It begins with humility and gratefulness, and it ends with us sitting in the presence of God content and secure.

Are you interested in the love that God gives you or do you enjoy His blessings without His presence more?

The enemy is convincing way too many believers to live with God on the back burner where you call for Him when you want Him. Fit God into your plans. Mold the Bible to fit your standards. Keep God in view without any change having to occur.

Read Psalm 106 and meditate on God’s truth and allow God to take you beyond yourself so you can see God in a deeper and more meaningful way. Pay attention to human nature in these verses along with who God is, then read Psalm 107. God gives the formula for salvation. In His salvation, He walks with you and transforms you like the one man who returned to Jesus praising Him for what He had done to save him.

God is waiting for those who want to walk intimately with Him. Make God’s commitment worthwhile and say yes without any reservation to His Son and see what He will do with you for His Kingdom. Embrace the greatest love offered to man.

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