You need A Little Sisu in You

Sisu is an attribute given to Finnish people. From Wikipedia, the definition of sisu is “extraordinary determination in the face of extreme adversity, and courage that is presented typically in situations where success is unlikely.” Finnish people are known for their tenacity, having inner strength, and showing grit or resilience. Jesus must have been Finnish for He exemplified the Finnish spirit. You can chuckle over that thought but seriously, Jesus lived his earthly life determined to walk in obedience to His Father in the most hostile environment. This world is very stubborn when it comes to following God’s ways. It simply does not want to, thus every person born in this sinful world follows accordingly until one chooses to live a different way. Jesus came to offer every person The Way that leads you out of sin’s bondage.

“Jesus persevered on this earth for thirty-three years and completed what God called Him to do so that you and I can be redeemed.” (From “God Hears My Heart,” page 116)

Life can be difficult. God is here to help you.

In the last blogpost, you learn how Simeon had eager faith. He prayed to God for he wanted to see God’s salvation with his own eyes before he died. You read how God honored his prayer. Simeon, along with the prophet, Anna, lived single-minded while waiting on God. Their focus was on what God was doing within them and around them.

Anna was also at the Temple when Mary and Joseph brought baby Jesus there for the purification offering required by the law of Moses. You learn from Luke 2:36-40 that Anna was married but only for 7 years. For the rest of her life, she remained a widow until age 84. Notice how she lived out her life after losing her husband, she lived at the Temple day and night fasting and praying continuously.

Anna was focused on God. She lived the rest of her earthly existence like Christ did, determined to walk in obedience to God. You could say she had sisu in her. She lived with a tenacity of purpose despite the hostile environment that surrounded her. She chose to separate herself from the ways of the world and hold fast to God’s ways.

God became Simeon’s life. God became Anna’s life. Is God your whole life? Can God be seen in every area of your life?

God calls every person to come out from this hostile, evil world that is against Him. Sin destroyed the harmony that God desires from His creation and with His people. You see this every day. More and more people are walking away from God and His ways; thus, violence and chaos are ensuing in every area of our society.

When you follow Christ with sisu, you are determined to face whatever life throws at you with courage, even if what lies ahead seems impossible, for you know that with God all things are possible; see Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27, and Luke 1:37. Jesus could face very hostile situations for He completely trusted God that He would help Him through it. The Holy Spirit led Jesus and gave Him what He needed to flourish in every setting. You see this throughout the pages of the Bible that God faithfully cared for His son.

When you follow Jesus, God does the same for you.

Simeon believed. Anna believed. Paul believed. Daniel believed. Noah believed. Mary and Joseph believed. The list is endless with people who believed whole-heartedly that God was with them, and that’s all they needed. None of them knew how things would turn out. They had to believe before they saw with their own eyes.

God is with you, and that is all you need.

To have faith that does not waver, nor doubt, needs an inner strength that comes from God. Because of our sinful shortcomings, you and I do not have it in us to follow like Jesus did. We need help, and this help must come from heaven above. You and I must be determined to follow the ways of the Lord. We must be single-minded in our love for Christ and His Word. In this world that hates God’s truths, we must have guts to stand up for Christ. Because of the love affair we have with ourselves, we must put aside our own wants and desires and live for Christ.

Having faith that is determined to walk like Christ did takes sisu. So, when you are wanting to doubt, be tired, wanting to turn your attention to the world instead of to God, stop and pray. Ask God for help. He will redirect your focus back to Him. Study the Bible and memorize scriptures for trying times will come. We have an enemy who is determined to derail your faith. Do not let him! For Christ defeated Him at the cross, and that my friends, makes you victorious this side of heaven.

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