Life Changes in A Moment

I hope you have seen the the hand of God in these past two weeks while I was away. It is good to know that God walks with you in all your moments. He never leaves your side.

Today, I was going to get back to writing what God wants you and I to know and understand about His love and how we are to respond to it on a daily basis. While visiting my children and grandchildren, an unexpected event happened. Oh, how life can change in a moment. My family and I were out for a walk and I came upon an uneven sidewalk. I found myself falling onto my knees while jarring my right shoulder. I dislocated it. An ER run was needed.

I have to say, God was with me. This may sound odd, but I fell in slow motion. It was as if God laid me down so I didn’t injure something more seriously. At the ER, I was in and out in one hour! The doctor reset my shoulder and two x-rays showed that my shoulder went back in place. Since that moment, I have been donning a sling and letting my left arm do most of the work. Thank goodness I am left handed.

Rob and I made it back home to Minnesota and today I see an orthopedic surgeon to assess my injury. I would love your prayers for today’s outcome. I feel like I simply dislocated my shoulder without any tearing of my rotator cuff, and that all I will need is time to heal and some PT to strengthen my shoulder and arm.

In good times and not so good times, God is with me. He uses all my moments to remind me of His presence.

No one knows what your day will bring except for God. Whether you have an uneventful day or not, God is with you. He is using this unforeseen time with me to reassure me of this truth. Every thing that happens to me has been orchestrated by God. It is the same with you. You and I can walk confident knowing that God is working tirelessly on our behalf each and every day.

I am going to leave you with the following, “A sports fan can be troubled over the outcome of a game if His favorite team is playing. He can be tense until the game ends and the result is known. But if the fan is watching a replay and has already heard that this team has won, he will watch the game in calmness and confidence. We, who are in Christ, can be calm in the midst of a troubled world because we already know how things will turn out. Jesus has won! (taken from Never Forgotten Always Loved, DaySpring Calendar, July 11)

As you go about your day with God, live it out like you are watching a replay of your life for you know how it ends. Jesus will see to it that you get home.

Thank you for the prayers and I plan to resume encouraging you to go deeper in Christ this Thursday.

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