Steps to Finding Answers

In Luke 7:1-10, a roman officer had a problem that needed an answer. This officer was a man who lived in good standing in his community and with his household. One of his slaves became very sick and nothing seemed to help him get better. The officer wanted to help him but couldn’t with his own resources, wealth and wisdom. The servant needed divine healing.

The servant received this divine healing from the one and only, Jesus Christ. He was healed because of the faith of the man that he worked for. The roman officer had the right heart attitude that caused his mindset to be focused on truth. His correct posture of faith led to him finding the answer to his problem. It wasn’t in medicine, or positive thinking, or hoping for the best, it was in the person of Jesus Christ.

Even in the dark, Jesus will shine HIs light upon you.

This passage reveals the steps that this roman officer displayed that teaches you the importance of living God’s way. These steps lead you to find favor with God, initiating God to act upon your prayers.

You could say that this roman officer had genuine faith. He understood what life was about. It wasn’t about his influence or wealth. He understood that life comes with trials, and trials need divine intervention. Life gives wounds that everyone must bear. Life is up and down, good and bad, and on your own it takes a toll on your weary soul. Life beats you up.

Notice the posture of his heart. He heard about Jesus coming around. His heart was open to hearing and seeing from God. He positioned himself so his path along with Jesus’ path would cross. You can’t experience Jesus’ healing touch away from Him. You must go to Him.

Back in Jesus’ day, an officer would use carriers to get a message to someone. This man used respected Jewish elders. You read in verse 5 that he loves the Jewish people and he even built a synagogue for them. The officer loved the things of God. The elders were willing, so that says something about this officer. They went and pleaded with Jesus to help their friend. The officer’s heart was broken.

You often see throughout the scriptures that God responds to brokenness.

“So, Jesus went with them.”6 I hope you know that you have a willing Savior who loves to help you.

Pay attention to verses 6-8. Here you learn about the godly wisdom that this man possesses. He sends friends to intercept to tell Jesus to not trouble himself with going to his house, “Just say the word from where You are, and my servant will be healed.”7 Why would the officer do this?

He understood the position of authority. He himself was an officer but he reported to his superiors. He had soldiers under him and they had to obey his commands and orders like he had to. He understood the position of Jesus. In his own humility, the officer was broken in spirit. “I am not worthy of such an honor (of you, Jesus, coming to my home). I am not even worthy to come and meet you.”6,7

God moves within a heart that understands faith. God heals where brokenness lays wide open. God loves honesty and vulnerability. God can change your life when you are surrendered to Jesus.

Each step leads you closer to Jesus.

What are the steps that the roman officer demonstrated that impressed Jesus? Do you demonstrate the same kind of faith?

God is in the business of answering prayers! To aid in God hearing your prayers, you must surrender yourself to His ways and walk in humility and repentance. Often times He will give you a waiting time as you learn to walk with Christ each day. He is building up your trust muscles. He needs to bring you to a place of dependence where you think like a roman officer.

Take these steps and you will find God ready and willing to to help you for God hears your heart.

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