Small Talk

The greatest conversation between you and God is found in Psalm 27:7-8. It says, “Hear me as I pray, O Lord. Be merciful and answer me! My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with Me.’ And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.'”

You have an amazing heavenly Father who not only loves you, He desires to walk with you hand-in-hand every day of your life. The Holy Spirit beckons you to take everything to God in prayer as you surrender your heart to Him. God can be trusted with your heart’s most intimate secrets. He never casts you aside, nor makes fun of you. He tenderly listens as you pour out your heart. He holds you in His lap as you weep or rejoice. He cares about you.

As you and I enter into Thanksgiving this next week, take some time to talk to God. You might be thinking, “It seems so awkward. I don’t know what to say. How do you even talk to God?” It begins with small talk. Think about how you talk to your best friend. It’s easy, comfortable, and relaxed. As you and your friend converse, there is a level of respect shown as well as empathy and care that exists. This is the same with God.

Study the above scripture. You first see that David had a concern or question that he was wanting answered. He showed a level of respect towards God as well as having an understanding of who God is. May I make a suggestion if you are new to prayer? Begin reading the Bible. Start with the first four books of the New Testament, beginning with John, then read Matthew, Mark and Luke. Read through the Psalms and Proverbs too. Once you get a basic understanding, it will be easier to talk with God.

David was open to receiving insight from God. When the Holy Spirit was whispering within his heart, “Come and talk with Me,” David was comforted and he knew that he could go to God. There was no hesitation or qualm for David knew that God had the answer to whatever he was seeking.

What do you question within your heart? Everyone has things they ponder, wonder, and question. Whatever it is, God can help you. He is the Sovereign God who created you and the world you live in. If He gave you life, wouldn’t it be for good reasons? So, when doubts creep in, or fear grabs hold of you, or you simply want to know why things are the way they are, God is who you can go to. You will always receive love, care and the truth.

God loves to converse with you through small talk. He loves it when you want to know deep, philosophical things as well as asking for help in how to do something. He will lead you to an answer. It may come in the form of a phone call from a friend, to seeing a Bible verse or quote in a store window, or God whispering in your ear as you lay down for the night. The scriptures will be your best line of defense in searching for what God is wanting you to know.

God lives in your small, mundane moments.

I am thankful for His care in all my moments, no matter how insignificant. It is what keeps me going, keeps me moving forward. The past few weeks have been a bit stressful. A job loss, a death in the family, and now my back decided to give out. More healing as I continue to nurse my shoulder back to health as well. It has been 4 1/2 months since I tripped over an uneven sidewalk. Through it all, God has been with me and He is willing and waiting for me to call out to Him. “Come talk to Me, Carol.” When I hear His beckoning, I know to respond, “Lord, I am coming.”

There, I find what my heart, mind, and soul are craving, time with God. In all the moments that we have shared, there has never been a time where God was too busy for me, nor uninterested in what I wanted to talk about. He deeply cares for me, and He deeply cares for you.

Grab a coffee and your Bible, sit down and chew the fat with God. He will listen as long as you need Him to. Small talk is His specialty.

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