How to Interact With God

While God makes Himself available to any person who wants to know Him, there is a protocol that He has set that will aid in knowing Him clearly and very intimately. He lays out His protocol in His Word. Throughout the pages of the Bible, God reveals His code of correct conduct (definition from that He expects His children to live by. Another way to look at it is God has a specific code that adheres strictly to correct etiquette and precedence (definition from

One particular passage in the Bible lays out God’s protocol to walking with Him every day. If you can understand what God wants you to know from this passage, you will learn the secret in taking your faith to a whole new level of intimacy where God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit becomes active within you. You will be interacting with God!

Take a moment and read Romans 8:1-17. This passage is vital. So much so, that every believer should memorize it or at least read it daily and know it well. It is titled in the NLT translation, Life in the Spirit. Your translation may have a different title.

What you learn from these verses will help your faith become alive and active. You can put sin because of Jesus Christ living within you. It is good to remember that Satan wants you to deny the Truth that now lives within you. Active faith means you remain awake to what is at stake because of your belief in Christ.

You learn:

  1. You are free in Jesus Christ. God does not condemn you for your sins.
  2. You belong to Jesus. He is your forever companion.
  3. The power of the life-giving Spirit frees you from sin’s power.
  4. Because of Jesus, God declares an end to sin’s control over you.
  5. You have the power to crush Satan and shut him up!
  6. You follow the Holy Spirit, not your flesh. When you let your flesh dominate, your thinking and actions follow suit. Your faith withers. When you let the Spirit control you, your thinking and actions follow what pleases God. You let the Spirit control your mind. You discipline your mind to think of things from above. Living this way bring peace and abundant living.
  7. Remember that your flesh is hostile towards God. It does not want to obey Him. You must live in opposition to your flesh. Let God be in control.
  8. The Spirit of Christ dwells within you. He gives you life. He makes you right God. There is no more animosity between you and God.
  9. You are a heir to God’s glory.
  10. You will now share in His glory as well as sharing in His suffering. You will live in opposition to the ways of the world which means the world will not understand your lifestyle.

Because of these truths, you have no obligation to follow your sinful nature; its urgings, desires, wants. Following what you want leads to death. Through the Holy Spirit, you put to death any sinful deeds, then, you will live.

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.”14

God adopts you into His family. He becomes your Father or Daddy. God’s Spirit joins with your spirit to affirm the Truth that lives with in you because of Jesus. God unites you in His love.

I hope this ignites an excitement within you. As His child, you are called to have godly etiquette as you live, move, and breath each day. Your life is His and your actions should reveal it. This is accomplished by one way, living by the Spirit.

Let the Holy Spirit take your faith to a level of deepness that surpasses your understanding. You will sit in awe as He reveals more of the Trinity to you.

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