Wilderness Living

Many like to escape to the wilderness and become more in tune with nature. It’s easier to focus and reprioritize things in your life when you are out in God’s creation. With God, He often places His children in wilderness settings to help them refocus or reprioritize their lives. Things have gotten in the way of His work within them and they need to be redirected.

The purpose for wilderness seasons is to deepen your faith with God.

Wilderness living is God’s way of opening your eyes to new things. Perhaps you learned some spiritual things a while back, but you have forgotten and have allowed your faith to wane. God will place you in a quiet place where He works within you to help you rely on Jesus all the more.

You may not know why you are in the wilderness, but God does. Trust Him.

Often times, wilderness living is painful. God places you in a time-out of sorts to redirect, reshape, or take your faith to a deeper level; one where you trust Jesus a whole lot more. For this to happen, Jesus lovingly takes you by the hand into the wilderness and helps you to face any sins that are tripping you up. If unwilling or uninterested to see what He wants you to learn, your wilderness time can become a bit difficult. Your flesh will fight, but when you open your hands to what God has for you, much growth takes place. And a happier, holier you comes out on the other side.

Paul speaks of wilderness living in 2 Corinthians 1:1-11. He is encouraging believers that hardships, or wilderness seasons, have a purpose. Your time in the woods with God will bring forth Kingdom living. God, who is your merciful Father, is the source of comfort. The comfort He gives you while He tests your faith for authenticity aids in you helping to comfort others. While you are showing Christ’s empathy, you are also giving the opportunity for others to receive their salvation. Faith takes on an active role in your life.

Your time in the woods also causes you to stop relying on yourself as you learn to rely only on God. When self-reliance takes hold, Jesus must rescue again from its dicey grip. Paul says in verse 10, “And He did rescue us from mortal danger and He will rescue us again. We have placed our confidence in Him, and He will continue to rescue us.”

My husband went through a wilderness time in the past 6 months. He lost his job after 35 years with the same company. What do we do now? He chose to look to God for guidance and God responded. God gave him rest. God revealed to us that when it’s time to retire, we will get along 🙂 God placed him in a Bible study where He had to study a lot of scripture. His hands are more open now than 6 months ago. He is ready for his next assignment. God provided for he started a new job yesterday.

I have been in wilderness living for several years now. It is hard when you go through things, but as you learn to let go of strongholds, Jesus helps you to see more clearly. You become more freer in your soul as you take on more and more of His identity. Your faith takes on a whole level of confidence as well.

Every believer will face seasons of wilderness living. It is God’s way of honing your faith, and reshaping you into His Son’s image. He is preparing you for your eternal home one day. So, don’t be afraid of unknown times. God will be with you in ways that you never experienced before. Let God have His way with you and see what He will do for you.

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